5 Budget Friendly Tips for Marketing Your Small Business

A business is a business regardless of its size. But when it comes to marketing, big companies are able to splurge more on their marketing tools while small businesses have a much smaller pool of finances to be resourceful in. Limited resources shouldn’t be seen as a challenge – it’s actually an opportunity to be more creative with how you market your business.

Lacking some creative juices for marketing strategies? Worry no more with these budget friendly marketing tips! (more…)


Guest Post: 5 Startups That Have Taken 2012 By Storm

Today we’re featuring a special guest post from Carolyn Knight with Ordoro. We’re more than halfway through 2012 and it’s time to see which startups are poised to emerge as the year’s hottest companies and if they’re poised to take on 2013 as they grow in popularity. Check out the list to see if your favorites made the cut!

Every year people in the business and technology sectors play a little guessing game where they try to figure out what companies are going to make it big. Sometimes it’s pretty clear when a startup is set to take off, but at other times companies seem to come out of nowhere and revolutionize our lives. We’re halfway through the year now and here’s a look at the five startups we believe have taken and will continue to take 2012 by storm. (more…)


Guest Post: 6 Things I Wish I Knew Starting Out as an Entrepreneur

Today we’re featuring a special guest post from Justin Krane at Krane Financial Solutions! Ready to make the leap of faith and start your own business? It may be one of the riskiest moves you choose to make but the rewards will be in spades after. Justin Krane tells us today about his entrepreneurial journey and the six things he wished he had known starting out.

It was another business conference, and I was in the room with another 300 financial planners. The room was really cold, the AC was maxed, I had forgotten my sweater and I was freezing!

It was a scenario I’d been in so many times but I had no idea that this session would change the direction of my life.

Out comes the motivational speaker guy. I started to tune him out until I realized he was blind. His name was Jim Stovall, a former Olympic weightlifting champion who had gone blind over time. He told us that he had changed his life because he had changed his mind. (more…)


Awesome Affiliates: SalesGuard

We’re mixing it up a little bit here at MyCorp and featuring an Awesome Affiliate for Thursday instead of our trusty Wednesday standby- today is all about our good friends at SalesGuard. SalesGuard specializes in providing cash coverage and protection for all of your business-related needs without an upfront cost or monthly premium involved (but an expense is incurred if used).

They’ve got tips you need on why being prepared in advance is beneficial to both you and your business. No matter what season you’re in, SalesGuard will help you to “weather” the storm and protect your start-up, read on!

Owning a business can be both challenging and rewarding, but survival is based on profitability and positive cash flow. Having access to cash is an absolute necessity to deal with an emergency or generate additional revenue. (more…)