1099-K: Should You Expect This Tax Form in the Mail This Year?

All set to do your taxes? Online sellers and freelancers all over the US are getting ready to start filling out their forms, or at least organizing their paperwork in order to prepare for April. If you’re like them, you’re probably wondering if there are any surprises in store for this tax season. Enter the 1099-K…

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5 Reasons You Just Lost a Sale on Your Website

How painful is it as a business owner to watch a customer pick up an item and put it right back down? You always wonder what their thought process is, especially when they’re so excited to grab it in the first place.

When you sell online, you don’t even have the luxury of watching them pick it up in the first place. You’re simply left to wonder why you haven’t sold as much this month as you did the previous. However, there are several reasons why you’re actively chasing customers away and not even be aware of it. Here are five things your customers are saying about your website right now.

1. “Where do I go?”

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7 Tips to Creating the Best Online Shopping Experience for Customers

Catering to customers online is a huge benefit to retail store owners.  However, e-tailing is different from in-store retailing, and store owners need to stay aware of the differences in order to maximize the benefit of selling online.  To ensure the best online shopping experience possible for your customers, take into consideration these seven tried and true techniques.

1. Make it easy for customers to find your website. Improve your marketing both online and off. Make sure you understand how to use your site analytics to find out more about how users are finding your site – is it through Google or other search engines? Referrals from other websites? Analyze how customers are finding you and compare your search engine ranking for various terms to that of your competition. Consider using AdWords or other advertising, email marketing, and social media marketing to ensure you get your target audience to your website. Continue reading

How to Curb the Fear of Cold Calling

“Hello? Is (insert name) available please?”

For anyone who works in a sales driven job, they know just how daunting it can be at first to face the fear of calling strangers and asking for a sale. Termed ‘cold calling’ in the business world, this is one of the most commonly cited fears for many in the industry, from both new employees, and experienced workers.

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5 Tips on How to Reach Cold Calling Success

Cold calls are a difficult part of any job, and if this is what you do full time, it can be a disheartening fact that the majority listening in on the other line just aren’t interested in what you are selling.

This may not have much to do with your own personal sales skill set, but there are also a few ways how you can make improvements to your selling ratio with a simple attitude change. Working full time in this field means you could make up to 100 calls in a day and it’s rare that all of these calls will be as enthusiastic or receive your full attention. It’s easier to be chipper and upbeat with your first call of the day, than with the call you make five minutes before the end of the workday. Continue reading

Guest Post: How to Get the Most Out of Customer Feedback

You’ve just finished the end of your business quarter. Yes, it was busy and stressful, but thankfully very unlike the scene one of your colleagues described for his quarter’s end. He relayed a tale of sales staff pulling out their hair, piles of unsigned contracts, sales slipping left and right, emails unanswered and phone calls unresponsive. Fortunately for you, you not only met your sales numbers, you exceeded them. As a matter of fact, you’ve met your sales goal for the last three quarters. Your boss is pleased, your colleagues are envious, and your customers—they love you! What makes your clients different than the guy one office over? It’s no secret—happy customers are not only loyal, they will increase your overall success. How can you maintain this satisfaction? Let’s take a look: Continue reading

Guest Post: How to Improve Your Cold Calling Results

Your company may be one where routine cold calls contribute to your business and keep new customers coming in. But when it comes to cold calls, your staff probably hears more “no” responses than “yes” when you’d like it to be the reverse. Whether you have an outbound call center or a single employee who focuses on cold calls, these tips can help improve your results. Continue reading

Taking Your Business to the Top!

What inspires big business leaders and entrepreneurs? How do the best leaders at the top, the Donald Trumps of the business world get their drive and motivation? The beginning of a new year is a great time to get your inspiration on and grow your business. How do you do it and not lose sight of what you started along the way? These 4 tried and true tips are the ultimate to keep in mind that successful entrepreneurs everywhere use to get to the top!

1. Set Football Field Goals

Picture a football field. The goal is to run the ball to into the end zone and score, right? Along the way you hit different field markers, 5 yards, 10 yards, 15 yards and so on. You can’t get to the end without passing these markers. The same rings true with goals. What about a Hail Mary you ask? The receiver must run past and the ball must fly over each yard before they reach their destination. Continue reading

Consumer Correspondence Mistakes to Avoid

Lost sales can mean the end of your business. Imagine a new customer who hears of your product, is eager to buy and then cannot. Alternatively, imagine a customer who cannot bring repeat business due to the same problem. How does this happen? Confusing websites, un-informative newsletters, press releases and complex ordering processes all result in sales becoming lost in translation. Fully informing your customers’ sounds obvious, yet failing to follow this cardinal rule of business can mean dramatic loss in sales. Sending e-mail correspondence with customers is vital. Therefore, make sure you are communicating effectively. Continue reading