Does Your Small Business Have These Common Security Shortfalls?

Small businesses face a wide variety of challenges because of their limited resources. Any business owner who’s nearly missed payroll or taken out a new credit card to pay for surprise expenses knows that fact all too well.

However, there’s one area where business owners are starting to become increasingly vulnerable: security. Whether you’re a small brick-and-mortar retail shop or a white collar service business, security should be near the top of your priority list. (more…)


Why Small Business Websites Shouldn’t Overlook Good Contact Forms

By Scott Dutton

A good and working contact form is essential. Many websites include their contact details such as address, phone number, and email but do not use a contact form and miss the leads that they can capture from this valuable tool. People believe that most visitors get irritated on filling a form! Sometime when using a very long contact form the fact that it takes so much time it turns people off to contacting you. Every website, whether fashion, corporate, educational, or entertainment based, has a method in place for site visitors to be able to contact them. Having one central “contact us” page is a good idea to create on a website, but a much better idea is to create several contact forms on specific site pages that a visitor is able to fill out and submit.



Time is Money: How to Set Up a Small Business Network

For small business owners, a business network can make life much easier. The network allows for seamless sharing of files among all of your employees and is much easier to set up than most people realize. It also speeds up the productivity of your office due to the faster transfer of information and isn’t too expensive to install a small business network in either. You can do it yourself with minimal instruction and background experience. The next few steps will lay the basic blueprint for setting up a network in nearly any small business environment.

The Basics

First and foremost, you are going to need a router. Routers transfer information between computers on the same network. It is the central hub for your network. Preferably, you are going to want a business grade router, so you can use all of the advanced security features.


How to Keep Your Private Data Secure on a Small Business Budget

Data security is as important to a small business as physical security is online today where virtually all computers and electronic devices are connected to both each other and the internet making us and our information fairly accessible at all times.

Because of this, the bottom line for any business with company or client data to protect is that it must be able to maintain a security policy and procedures that are as airtight as possible. Failing to do so can mean anything from competitor theft of your ideas to major and expensive security breaches that can lead to client lawsuits. (more…)


A Sense of Security: The Ins and Outs of Small Business Security Systems

Like most small business owners, you are undoubtedly familiar with the nagging desire to be everywhere all at once where your business is concerned. Even if you are secure with the trust you have in the crackerjack team you employ, there is nothing quite like increasing that sense of safety with a security system in place.

Historically, traditional security systems have required investments that can often be a deal breaker for a small business owner, and as a result, the business is forced to go without. Hiring and paying for a monthly service to set up their cameras and monitor suspicious activity is simply beyond the reach of many small companies. (more…)


How to Properly Store Accounting Files Within the Cloud

Online document storage is increasingly becoming an integral part of any company offering accounting and/or bookkeeping services. It offers a sense of security to the small business owner because hard copies can easily be damaged or misplaced, and a way to store files long term without having to invest in additional filing space for the physical files. But it’s not enough to just store all of the files in a database as it will cause problems when it comes time to review or retrieve them. Having a system in place to organize and archive files will prove to be a big help to businesses in the years to come.

Although it is becoming very easy to store accounting and bookkeeping related files online, it is important to store them properly in order to minimize the hassle of searching through archives when a file is needed. It is also important to know which files to have on hand. Here are some ideas to help provide a better understanding of proper file storage. (more…)


Small Business, Nonprofit Savings, Security, Scalability with Cloud-based Email Webinar

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  • benefits of cloud email for small businesses and nonprofits
  • drawbacks to cloud email, such as changing providers
  • cloud email providers, with particular focus on Google and Microsoft
  • costs (obvious and hidden) and savings

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Trend Watch: Up and Coming Industries

The months from February to April can be some of the slowest of the year. After the excitement of the holidays, winter can feel endless while waiting for summer. Spice up those short winter days with a new business venture or by taking your business to the next level of success. To give you some inspired ideas, here are some of the newest industries that are taking off this year.