What You Need to Know About Self-Employed Health Insurance Options

Historically it’s been the case that the self-employed are also the ones paying the most for health insurance. This might not be so bad in the short term, especially when you’re just starting your business and money is tight, but in the long run life’s calamities usually find a way to catch up to you.

So where do you start?

For many, the first stop is to an online health insurance brokerage that sells health insurance plans from the major carriers. Usually their websites function a lot like a health insurance version of Travelocity, where you can search generally or specifically for health insurance plans then compare them against one another to see how they match up.

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The Skinny on SHOP: The Small Business Health Option Program

Under the new laws, affordable healthcare is right around the corner.

Is it me, or do you feel like all of your business expenses are going up? Rent is higher, payroll fees are up, taxes in California, healthcare costs. These are all fixed costs, meaning that they don’t go down. They stay where they are and that means less money flows to your bottom line.

Check this out. I’ve got a fixed cost for you that could go lower! Like 10-30% lower — now that’s a ballpark.

Your healthcare costs. Yep! Whether you are self employed, a small business with employees, or an individual, you need to know what is coming down the pike on Jan 1, 2014.

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