How to Use Emoticons Professionally in Business

Enterprise communications are a critical and tricky area to perfect. Many professionals struggle to communicate and collaborate with their coworkers on a daily basis, while others seem to know the right thing to say every time. This struggle even extends to CEOs, small business owners and other professionals who are constantly in the spotlight. Even several presidents have had to have public speaking coaches in order to help them deliver national addresses!

For many the way they communicate naturally doesn’t seem to be professional, so they adopt a false persona that doesn’t ring true. Others are simply unfamiliar with what accounts for “professional” communication, and are unsure of what is acceptable and what isn’t. The trick is to act natural – which sometimes means using words, or text, that may not seem business-like – such as emoticons.

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4 Things to Never Say to an Angry Customer

Every minute of every day, there is always a customer that isn’t entirely pleased with the service that he is getting. Whether it is about food, some clothes, internet service, or anything else, it is practically written in stone that someone will find something to complain about at some point. And whenever a customer gets angry and things get hairy, it is the customer service team who has the job to address the problem and keep everybody happy. Part of that role is being able to understand the customer’s woes and knowing what to do in order to fix them; yet another part is simply knowing what NOT to say so that things don’t get even worse. Here are a few lines that are best left unsaid during customer service interactions.

1)“What was the problem again?”
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