Balancing Sleep and the Mid Afternoon Lull

Sleep. Just the word is fabulous, right? Despite our love for sleep, it seems to be the norm that most adults don’t get enough sleep. Sure, we can all pull the occasional all nighter, but running on three to four hours of sleep night after night will definitely start to take its toll. So what can you do about it? Believe us, we know that there are not enough hours in the day. We wish we had more time to sleep! Unfortunately, taking a quick catnap under your desk probably isn’t an option. Next time you feel the urge to doze, nod off or “rest your eyes” at the office, keep these helpful hints in mind. (more…)


Awesome Affiliates: Hayley Hoverter of Sweet SerenDipItTea

Think back to when you were a sophomore in high school. Sneaking into the latest rated R flick seemed like the biggest venture in your life—what else could derive so much passion out of your young soul than sinfully indulging in an older activity? Hayley Hoverter, now 16 years of age, is an entrepreneur finding her way in the world of business with her inventive version of the sugar packet.

Feel bad about wasting your time sneaking in the back door of your local cinema? Yeah me too.

It is our pleasure to welcome the ever-promising Hayley in sharing her sweet, sweet story:

My LLC, Sweet SerenDipItTea, is a sales and marketing eco-friendly product company for soluble sugar packages. The product is sold to help eradicate the paper waste in cafes that would otherwise feed into landfills and contribute to pollution. (more…)