What is App SEO and Do You Need It?

You’ve been hearing about the increase in mobile online traffic for several years now. As we approach the end of 2015, we can see that the predictions were by and large correct. Mobile has indeed become a force to be reckoned with.

A 2015 report from KPCB shows us that 51% of consumers’ Internet time now happens on mobile devices. That is compared to 42% for desktops and laptops. Five years ago people spent less than 1 hour per day on mobile devices. That number has now jumped to 3 hours. (more…)


5 Employment Perks That Need to Happen Everywhere

We’re a pretty close knit bunch here at MyCorp. Everybody knows everyone pretty well and gets along. But our team is also pretty small and since we aren’t a large corporation, sometimes a couple of us wonder what our lives within a more global company might be like…

There are two different first impressions that come to mind. The first is Google headquarters based. Picture bright colors, ping pong tables, free food and drinks, and flip flops. Laidback and interactive while still getting the job done. The other comes from the film Office Space. Hours of sitting in traffic, hours of sitting in a cubicle, a copy machine that doesn’t work, and a mountain of pointless “TPS reports.” The worst case scenario, as we all voted and agreed on. (more…)