How Small Businesses Can Optimize Their Websites for the Visually Impaired

Not everyone is born with the gift of 20/20 eyesight. Some cannot see at all. The visually impaired are marginalized, and unfortunately, the impaired are rarely the target niche for any business. However, it would serve businesses, large and small alike, well to realize that there are an estimated 21.2 million adults in the United States, who have trouble seeing, even with the help of contact lenses or glasses, with some of these adults also completely blind.

A small business can take advantage of these statistics and include the visually impaired as part of their target niche. All you need to do is hire a web design company to optimize your website to make it suitable for those with both perfect vision and those that have trouble seeing. Since it’s not exactly easy to put Braille up on a computer screen, here are my tips on how a business can optimize its website with ease.