6 Benefits of Foreign Non-Residents Filing Corporations or LLCs in the United States

It’s a question that’s much more commonly asked than you think – are there any benefits to non-U.S. residents filing corporations or LLCs in the United States or is the process so complicated that it’s best to avoid doing it? The answer is the procedure is fairly similar to what residents of the United States experience filing and that yes, there are a series of great benefits that come in doing so.


Incorporating in America Infographic

Have you ever wondered “what are the most popular entrepreneurial places in America?” We’ve put together some interesting statistics and data on top cities & states with the highest rate of filings for LLCs & C-Corporations.

You can also learn what it takes to start your own business or company formation. Not sure what is best for your business? My Corporation is providing you an informative guide on how to incorporate in America. Get a better understanding of the different types of business formations by industry. Learn about the disadvantages and advantages of each formation.

Check out the statistics and learn about the recent trends of entrepreneurship in the United States today! (more…)


How Start-Ups Can Save the World… or At Least Aid the Economic Recovery Effort

If you haven’t heard (though I’m sure you have), the Great Recession is still lumbering on. Despite the lack of Midwestern Farmers moving west to find work, many analysts are making comparisons to the Great Depression of the 1920’s with the high unemployment rate and seemingly endless string of economic defeat. Analysts, economists, politicians and investors wait with bated breath for the release of unemployment figures for some sign of improvement. Unfortunately, the rate continues to hover around 9%.

The best possible way to tackle this problem would be to increase core, private job growth. While monetary injections via government projects can work, they are not sustainable; you can only pave the 101 so many times before people begin to think those in charge have lost it. April saw a huge spike in jobs, but they were mainly created through public spending. Thus, they are unsustainable in the long run. The lack of job security means many will be saving those paychecks, instead of running out to buy new clothes, cars and gadgets, denying consumer spending a much-needed influx of cash. (more…)