How is Your Web Design Affecting Your Business’s Growth?

There is not a single business on the planet that does not have an online presence. Any enterprise that hopes to be successful must employ the internet. You can promote your business online to an audience of billions. Even better is the fact that you can sell your products right from the comfort of your home through your website. However, owning a website is not as simple as getting a random site set up for you. (more…)


Why Small Business Websites Shouldn’t Overlook Good Contact Forms

By Scott Dutton

A good and working contact form is essential. Many websites include their contact details such as address, phone number, and email but do not use a contact form and miss the leads that they can capture from this valuable tool. People believe that most visitors get irritated on filling a form! Sometime when using a very long contact form the fact that it takes so much time it turns people off to contacting you. Every website, whether fashion, corporate, educational, or entertainment based, has a method in place for site visitors to be able to contact them. Having one central “contact us” page is a good idea to create on a website, but a much better idea is to create several contact forms on specific site pages that a visitor is able to fill out and submit.



Guest Post: How Housing Websites Contribute to Small Business Success

“Apartment hunting is a process, and the best way to help people find the apartment that meets their lifestyles and budgets is through interactive resources. Fifteen years ago, this was done traditionally by ‘apartment locators’ using on-site databases. With cutting-edge technology, we are able to deliver more detailed information than the old databases held, all with a more inviting and interactive search technology. The best part is that we are able to deliver that information 24/7 to literally all reaches of the globe.” – Pete Zimek

New technology brings new opportunities, as well as changes that will need to occur to take advantage of them. Without leveraging these opportunities, you can do your small business a disservice or even wind up losing profits by not staying on top of trends that your customers utilize. Adapting to technological trends benefit in growing small businesses, especially those in the apartment and housing industry, and helping them to maintain an edge over the competition. (more…)