Three Ways to Follow the Olympics from the Comfort of Your Desk

The Summer Olympics come but once every four years, and social media has evolved fast since 2008’s games. Facebook had only just cracked 200 million active users, overtaking MySpace for the first time. Twitter was also really beginning to grow with six million users, and many of us often spent hours staring at the infamous ‘Fail Whale’ wondering how the heck this service was going to make money. YouTube, though well established, had only just begun to make a name for itself as a source of Olympic coverage as people who had never used the service began passing links to the outstanding opening ceremony at Beijing.

And now, in 2012, most of these services have matured. Social media is the number one activity on the internet, and the International Olympic Committee has decided to release (some very strict) guidelines on social media to its athletes. But despite the muzzle, there are still a few great ways for you to get your Olympic fix, even from your work desk. (more…)


How Employers can link into Linkedin

A lot of social media analysts see LinkedIn as being a tad one sided – there are plenty of people who consistently update their profile anytime they think of something new to brag about, but there aren’t many employers looking for new hires on the service. Most sectors have more jobs than people, so employers don’t feel compelled to strike out and search for that perfect new hire.

So LinkedIn sadly stagnates with page upon page of resumés.

I find this extremely disappointing – LinkedIn should be just as widely used by employers as it is by people looking for a job. Employers just need to learn how to make the leap and start using LinkedIn properly.



My Job Title, Myself

“What do you do?”

A loaded question. In many cases it’s easier to do the duties of the job you were hired for than explain what this position has you do all day to someone. Stating your job title is simple enough but even that can be difficult in defining what the roles within that title entail. Especially if you have a job title that isn’t easy to figure out in the first place. Account executive, digital outreach coordinator, community evangelist- with such overwrought, seemingly important sounding position names figuring out what the job at hand really is can get lost in translation. Take our 3 tips when it comes to decoding the mystery behind the question, “So, what is it you do exactly?” (more…)


Would You Rather Take a Monday or Friday Off?

Q: What’s better than having a three day weekend?

A: Having a four day workweek that follows!

Ever notice how the beginning of the year starts off with a string of holidays? After Christmas and New Year’s Day we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents’ Day, spring break (for the lucky few) and Easter. Yet from Memorial Day to Labor Day there is only one day off – the Fourth of July. (more…)


Help Your Small Business Dream Take Flight!

Where I grew up there is a little outdoor sporting goods store that I love to visit. It is sandwiched between a Mexican restaurant and an old magazine and tobacco store. Its location is nondescript and doesn’t get very much attention. However, once you’re inside – it is a whole new world. The sights, sounds and smells take you somewhere special. There are pictures of world famous climbers. They are always the first to have the newest climbing, skiing, and camping equipment. The employees actually use the gear they sell. They can tell you where the best snow is, or where the best campsite is. They recognize you when you walk in and will ask how the jacket you bought last winter is holding up. Sure, there may be illicit smells wafting from the employee break room, but that’s just how it is. That is what small businesses are- unique and custom tailored to the local community; providing a product or a service with you in mind. (more…)


Working at Home: What They Never Tell You.

Employees used to see the option of working from home as some sort of gift, bestowed by the management for hard work and sacrifice. A day at home meant a day of sleeping in, watching trashy tv and, maybe, calling in with a made up list of all the things you accomplished while at home. Then the next day you pay for your twenty-four hours of debauchery by making up all the work you missed, cursing yourself for not actually doing anything while at home.

That’s no longer the case. Thanks to the wonders of online hyper-connectivity, now your boss can actually check in with you at any time, be it through e-mail or Skype, and ask to see exactly what you’ve been doing all day. And, sadly, watching a Maury marathon and making a chocolate shake doesn’t count as work. Despite this, many people still see the option of working at home as the easier route. Most business writers will just tell you to find a nice quiet corner, away from distractions so you can get some work done and let things rest at that. But there are some things that people just don’t warn you about… (more…)


Balancing Sleep and the Mid Afternoon Lull

Sleep. Just the word is fabulous, right? Despite our love for sleep, it seems to be the norm that most adults don’t get enough sleep. Sure, we can all pull the occasional all nighter, but running on three to four hours of sleep night after night will definitely start to take its toll. So what can you do about it? Believe us, we know that there are not enough hours in the day. We wish we had more time to sleep! Unfortunately, taking a quick catnap under your desk probably isn’t an option. Next time you feel the urge to doze, nod off or “rest your eyes” at the office, keep these helpful hints in mind. (more…)


Five ways to effectively communicate with your boss

Bosses. Everyone’s had one, if not more. Finding effective ways to communicate with your boss is paramount regardless of what industry you are in.  Of course, not everyone loves their boss, thus making communication difficult. Thankfully, we here at MyCorp are led by a pretty awesome team. However, we know not everyone can be as lucky as are. So what are the most effective ways to communicate with your boss? Why does it even matter?

First of all, open lines of communication are essential to any successful business. Think of communication as water in a pipe line, if not water is flowing there is bound to be a buildup. This buildup will eventually burst causing severe damage. Let that water flow! It may sound easier said than done, however keep in mind the following tips and you should be smooth sailing. (more…)