Every Wednesday, we’ll be highlighting a member of our MyCorporation family tree- check in with us every week to meet the team here at MyCorp!

Name: Kelsey

Job Title: Social Media Intern

What I do all day at work: I write articles and blogs about small business related topics and post the published products to our social media outlets.

Are you a night owl or an early bird?: An owl of the night.

If I could take home one animal from the zoo it would be: I would find someone who brought their French Bulldog to the zoo and steal it. Then I, posing as the zoo, would write the owner a letter explaining how a loose lion ate the pup.

Any pets at home?: We have a strict no pets on campus policy (except for fish but who wants one of those?).

A terrible TV show that I absolutely love: Mob Wives. Those women sure know how to make a young lady feel good about herself.

My absolute favorite thing about being on Team MyCorp is: The frequent cupcakes! Just kidding! The smiling faces and great attitudes.