Every Wednesday, we’ll be highlighting a member of our MyCorporation family tree- check in with us every week to meet the team here at MyCorp!

Name: Heather

What’s your job title: Social Media Manager

Tell me about a day in the life of Heather: I blog and write pretty much nonstop, working on a myriad of different writing outlets that MyCorp has, managing my two awesome social media associates, editing, working with the PR team, updating Facebook/Twitter, and a whole lot of other online goodness.

What’s the one item in your bag you can’t go without: My iPhone.

Favorite city and why: San Francisco! I love everything about it- being able to walk everywhere, the sounds of the cable cars, the food, everything.

What’s one facet of your childhood that’s shaped who you are: I’ve always been pretty good at thinking outside of the box and it helps with keeping me on my toes and constantly approaching business topics from as creative a slant as possible.

Worst and best thing about the internet: Best: the memes. They get increasingly better by the day. Worst: all of the spelling and grammar mistakes. Help.

Why you love MyCorp: The bagels… just kidding! I love everyone I work with and the “you can do it” environment here.


  1. Thanks for reading Juliette! That means a lot to me – there’s plenty more social media intern articles in the wings to come from my end! -Heather

  2. Hello Heather,

    I just had to say THANK YOU for your article on “Social Media” about hiring social media interns ! I am on the other side of the issue, would gladly receive a red rose of acceptance, and as such quite liked getting some “feedback” shall we say. Always good to know how the other side thinks and how to improve.
    Hope to read from you soon !
    A Frenchy

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