Welcome to the ABCs of MyCorp! Every Wednesday we will be featuring a new business related term or phrase and discuss what it is, how it benefits business, and how you can use it to your advantage- all in chronological, alphabetical order!

As stated in the always handy BusinessDictionary.com an Affiliate Program is defined as:

“A program that involves two or more parties that work in conjunction to provide a certain level of benefit to each other. Affiliate Programs are prevalent in internet advertising. The sponsoring website provides rewards to participating websites for directing traffic to their site. This is typically done by including display advertisements on the website of participants. Performance of the advertisement is monitored and participants are rewarded based on the results.”

As you can see by the definition, an Affiliate Program benefits all parties involved. Not only is your business gaining some extra advertising space, but you’re building relationships. And in business, the more genuine, honest relationships you have the better- you never know who might need some promotion or advertising help down the road.

Here at MyCorp we like to cross-blog with our affiliates as well. Some of our past affiliate blog contributors include Kent Seton from Center For Nonprofit Creation, Hilary Gadsby from A Gadsby Affair, and our friends at Outright. This is a great way to spice up and add some new voices to your blog content. Plus, you really get to know a person or company through a post- which just builds those relationships even more.

MyCorporation’s Affiliate Program is run by our very own Cynthia Sokoloff. With an excellent flow of communication and a bit of New Jersey charm Cynthia makes our Affiliate Program what it is. The first thing to remember about maintaining an Affiliate Program is to just maintain those relationships. Be yourself, be kind, keep in touch, and work together; keep that in mind and your Affiliate Program will be at its very best!

Interested in becoming an affiliate with MyCorporation? Contact Cindi at (818) 746-2264 ext 320.