Incorporate in MassachusettsReady to incorporate in Massachusetts? Today, we’re focusing on none other than the Bay State, also known as Massachusetts, in our 50 states of incorporation series. Massachusetts can be found in the New England region of the northeastern United States. It borders Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Though it is the seventh smallest state in the US, it is the fourteenth most populous, being one of the most filled-to-the-brim states!

Massachusetts holds a great deal of cultural history as far as American states go. The town of Plymouth was one of the first successful colonies to be established in the country, and the state is also home to Harvard University (he oldest institution of higher education in the United States), and established brands including Au Bon Pain, Dunkin’ Brands Inc., and Staples all call the state home to their company headquarters.

In addition to being so rich in history, Massachusetts is also a pretty good place to start a business. Today, the state is well known for its education, health care technology, high technology, and financial service industries.

Massachusetts comes in at lucky number 13 on the Forbes list of “Best States For Business.” This could be attributed to the fact that it is rated number one in terms of quality of life, and because the state’s employees are comprised of graduates who have graduated from some of the top schools in the country. A happy, educated state makes for some good business.

Plan to form an LLC or incorporate in Massachusetts? Here are some LLC-specific requirements to keep in mind:

  • Businesses are required to enclose the general nature of their business, the names and addresses of the LLC’s managers, or members, the name and address of the LLC’s primary place of business, its EIN, and the name and address of the registered agent in the state.
  • When naming your business, keep in mind that Massachusetts has a firm policy on originality. If forming a business in Massachusetts, your business’s name cannot be the same as or “deceptively similar to” the name of another business in Massachusetts.
  • Businesses must have some form of “LLC” in their name.
  • Foreign LLCs can register to do business in Massachusetts by simply filing a Foreign Limited Liability Company Application for Registration and by filling out a certificate of good standing/existence with the Secretary of the Commonwealth Corporations Division.
  • Every business in Massachusetts must file an annual report by their business anniversary.

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