incorporate in OklahomaWe’re all going to be OK… that is, today we’re going to be talking about how to form an LLC and incorporate in Oklahoma! Nicknamed the “Sooner State,” Oklahoma is famous for its Native American roots, agricultural products, and a solid stake in the aviation industry. The state is about 69,903 square miles large, making it the 20th largest state in the USA.  Its population comes in at about 3,850,868, making it the 28th most populous of the states.

Oklahoma’s biggest industries are farming, oil, and natural gas. If your small business is in one of those industries, doing business with the Okies may be the perfect place for you! Though, even if you’re not in one of those industries, your business will still benefit from the booming natural gas industry, as energy costs are 25% below the national average. According to the Forbes best states for business list, Oklahoma comes in at #14 of the 50 states, receiving that high ranking thanks to inexpensive business costs, regulatory environment, and the overall economic climate of the state. also gave Oklahoma flying colors on the small business friendliness test. With an overall ‘B’ grade, Oklahoma scored high in areas concerning regulations, employment and hiring, tax code, licensing, and zoning.

If you think “OOOk-lahoma, where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain,” is the perfect place for you and your small business, keep these LLC-specific filing tips in mind before you decide to incorporate in Oklahoma.

  • When forming an LLC in Oklahoma, your Articles of Organization must include the name of the LLC, along with the words ‘limited liability company,’ ‘limited company,’ or ‘LLC,’ ‘LC,’ ‘L.L.C.’ or ‘L.C.’ The company’s principal place for business must be clearly stated and the name/street address of a registered agent in Oklahoma must be specified along with the term of existence for how long the company will be in existence for.
  • Already formed your business outside of OK, but now want to get in on this small business promise land? You can! As long as you name a registered agent, file an Application of a Foreign Limited Liability Company, pay the fee, and provide a certificate of legal existence that is newer than 60 days.
  • Already a business in Oklahoma with your name when you’re trying to foreign qualify? Just register for a fictitious business name.

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