incorporate in WashingtonIf you want to form an LLC or incorporate in Washington, you’ve got quite a few perks on your side. The Evergreen State is noted for its marine climate, with high levels of rainfall, forests that cover 52% of the state’s land area, and scenic mountains for a beautiful backdrop. It’as also the home to where many of the world’s biggest brands got their start including Microsoft, Starbucks, Boeing, and Nordstrom.

Big business aside, the state is also just as good to the small business. Ranked with Forbes as #9 on the best states for business list, Washington doesn’t levy personal income tax or collect corporate income tax or franchise tax. The state base sales tax is currently at 6.5% (though in Seattle it’s at 9.5%), but businesses may still be subject to specific forms of taxes from B&O (business and occupation) tax to gross receipts tax and even excise tax for any company that sells alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, or gas. ranks the state with a B- in overall friendliness and gives it an A- in ease of starting a business – and we can make that even easier to get your start with our tips on how to form an LLC or incorporate in Washington!

  • The Washington Secretary of State has an extensive information center to review for anyone that needs state-specific information concerning fees, forms, and regulations for starting a business, managing a business, or closing a business in the state.
  • Registered agents need to be must designated by the Secretary of State for LLCs. Any individual or business entity that is a Washington resident may be a registered agent for the business, so long as they they have a physical address in the state and have signed the Articles of Organization.
  • Corporations must have their business address located in the state of Washington along with director information included on the Articles of Incorporation.
  • LLCs must have a designator in their name, which may be ‘Limited Liability Company’, ‘Limited Liability Co.’, or the abbreviation ‘L.L.C.’, ‘LC’, or ‘LLC.’
  • Foreign Limited Liability Company registration can be filed by any out-of-state LLC that wants to do business in Washington. Additionally,. they must submit a certificate of good standing/existence that is no more than sixty days old.

Let MyCorporation help guide your business to success! If you’d like to know more about how to form an LLC or incorporate in Washington, leave a comment below, or give us a call at 1 (877) 692-6772, and we’ll get your LLC or Corporation started!

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