incorporate in WisconsinKnown as the Badger State and also as America’s Dairyland, we’ll try to lay off the cheesy jokes this week as we explore how to incorporate in Wisconsin. (Aaaand we’re already off to a punny start!)

With companies like Sargento, Carmex, and Oshkosh B’Gosh calling the state home to their branding headquarters, Wisconsin ranks at #41 on the Forbes best states for business list and is noted for its manufacturing, healthcare and agricultural industries. As far as its namesake for dairy goes, Wisconsin is noted for producing a quarter of the nation’s cheese, making it number one in the United States for cheese production and second for milk and butter production.

Despite adopting the slogan “Open for Business” in 2011, job growth has been on a slow crawl so far for the state. gives Wisconsin an A- for ease of starting a business and a B for overall state friendliness but slaps it with a C grade in the areas of health and safety, tax code, licensing, and ease of hiring. That aside, Wisconsin’s Department of Revenue provides plenty of information about the tax incentives available to small businesses in the state, particularly for manufacturing and agriculture with credits available for farmland preservation and meat processing and dairy manufacturing facilities.

If you feel like working in the dairy industry is your calling or have a naturally green thumb when it comes to agricultural growth, keep the following in mind when you decide to incorporate in Wisconsin.

  • The State of Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions has an entire section of their site devoted to corporation selection filing forms with PDFs and redirected links with more information available on domestic and foreign LLCs, LLPs, common law trust, limited partnerships, and corporations.
  • For LLCs, a registered agent must be designated for the business in the Articles of Organization. Their office may be physically located in Wisconsin or a company registered to do business in Wisconsin that also has a physical office in the state.
  • For LLCs that are established in another state but would like to do business in Wisconsin, they must file a Foreign Limited Liability Company Certificate of Registration first. This may be filed between the beginning of October and end of December and all foreign LLCs are required to renew their business name by filing an annual name application each year.
  • For corporations, the director information is not required on the Articles of Incorporation.
  • Any LLC that does business in Wisconsin must have a business name containing the words ‘limited liability company,’ ‘limited liability co.’ or the abbreviation ‘L.L.C.’ or ‘LLC’.

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