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This week, we head to “America’s Last Frontier” to uncover more about what it means to start a business in Alaska. The 49th state in the nation, Alaska prides itself on having a strong revenue source from the oil and natural gas industry along with counting the seafood and fishing industry as part of the state’s largest private industry employer.

The State of Alaska encourages entrepreneurs from all walks of life to come and start their businesses by providing an abundance of resources for new startups. If you feel like it’s time to head North and get started, here’s what you need to know about starting a small business in Alaska.

1. If you are filing to incorporate in Alaska, The Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing provides more information about forms to use and required fees. Already incorporated? Check in on your entity’s status using the corporations database.

2. The state of Alaska encourages small businesses to file online to ensure a quicker processing time, however not every business has the option to file online. If you must file hardcopy forms, the processing timeframe during the months of March to September averages at 10-15 business days. Between the months of October to February, you can expect more than a 15-business day delay.

3. Want to (or more aptly, need to) register a trademark? The state’s trademark registration page outlines everything you need to know about the process including advice on the types of marks the State of Alaska registers, how long each trademark lasts for, and applications needed to register for the mark.

4. What do you need to know about registered agents? From the requirements to become one to the importance of maintaining an RA, the state of Alaska has an answer to each of these questions readily available. Additionally, they offer information on more small business topics like EINs, entity types, and business licensing, just to name a few.

5. Did you know that the Alaska Secretary of State has a Small Business Assistance Center? The Small Business Assistance Center offers both new and existing Alaskan businesses tools for success including information about events and training throughout the state, financing options, licenses and permits specialized businesses need, marketing tips, and much more.

Ready to start a small business in Alaska? Give us a call at 1(877) 692-6772 or visit us at if you have any questions about forming a business or the regulations required.

Welcome back to the 50 States of Incorporation, Rebooted where we share what it takes to start a business in each of the 50 states. Join us biweekly for advice on how to start an LLC or corporation across the United States.

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