V is for Venture Capital

Venture capital is a bit misunderstood due to the press venture investments often receive. It seems like every week or so the news is covering some start-up that raised an inordinate amount of venture capital for an idea that sounds, at best, a bit shaky. 

But that tenuous relationship between a business idea and its application is what turns an investment into an injection of venture capital. Venture capital is, in a nutshell, the money that is invested into an early-stage, high-risk company that is believed to have the potential to yield huge returns, if it succeeds.


A Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success

It’s not easy to be an entrepreneur. Not only are you getting your business up and running, your operations solidified and your marketing strategy off the ground but you are also trying to make sure you’re managing your business properly and minimizing liability. However, many young professionals are choosing to retreat from traditional jobs and instead are choosing to start their own companies. Deborah Sweeney, CEO of MyCorporation built MyCorporation as an employee and then bought out that same business. In an interview with Start Up Growth Expert.com, Deborah provides the following tips to young entrepreneurs who are just getting started out in business: (more…)