Business Leadership: How To Become A Top Manager Regardless Of Your Field

When it comes to being a top manager in the company you work for, the field of work you are involved in does not define what it means to have good management skills. For this reason, many experienced managers find it easy to change industries and still walk into top-level management positions. In fact, having management experience in multiple fields of work makes it easier for these individuals to enter a new field of employment. Understanding the central duties of a manager makes this possible. Therefore, if you want to be a top manager in your field of employment, then here are a few management skills you will need to develop along the way. (more…)


5 Smart Moves Entrepreneurs Should Make with Their Tax Refund

If you’re a new entrepreneur, you’re probably pinching every penny you have – and for good reason. That’s because business ownership is one of the most costly endeavors out there.

If you receive a tax refund from the IRS, you should not simply take this cash and go on a shopping spree. Instead, it’s critical to be smart with any income that flows into your bank account. (more…)


The Experiential Factor: Why Engagement Marketing Works

A massive 78% of millennials say face-to-face interactions make them more inclined to buy into a brand – and to businesses that are already employing experiential techniques and reaping the rewards, this statistic will be no surprise. But for those still perplexed at what the fuss is about and why engagement marketing works, we have the answers you’re looking for. (more…)

Fantastic B-Corps: Dr. Brite

Fantastic B Corps: Dr. Brite

Welcome to Fantastic B Corps, MyCorporation’s salute to the entity that gives back to business and society. Join us biweekly for a glimpse at the entrepreneurs using their small business to “B The Change” in this global movement for good.

How do we truly know what ingredients are in the personal care products we buy? That was the issue facing Pooneh Ramezani DDS and Paris Sabo MD who set out to revolutionize the natural products industry from the ground up. They’re the founders of Dr. Brite — read on to find out more about them and their Irvine, CA-based B Corp.



13 Writing and Editing Tools to Create Engaging Blog Content for Your Business

Driving readers to your blog is just one obstacle you’ll have to overcome. Once they land on your page, getting them to stay is a whole other issue. These days, the average attention span has plummeted to a dismal 8 seconds. What this means is that, if you’ve worked hard to get those eyes onto your blog, you’ve got to work even harder to keep them there with engaging, interesting and informative content. Lose their attention, and they’ll move on – so keep them interested with the help of these writing and editing tools, so all of your hard work won’t be wasted. (more…)


SBA Loans: How Do Their Rates Work?

If you’ve done your homework on the various small business loan options, you’ve probably figured out by now that obtaining financing through one of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s various loan programs—typically called SBA loans—is very often the best deal you can get.

With a little more research, however, you may also have seen that the makeup of the interest rate on SBA loans is slightly more complex than for loans obtained through a traditional lender. So, how exactly do the interest rates work for SBA loans, and how can you predict what your interest rate will be? Let’s learn a little bit more about exactly how SBA loans work. (more…)


What La La Land Teaches us About Business & Relationships

If you haven’t seen it, La La Land is a musical about two lovers who struggle to balance their relationship with their own professional aspirations.

With a star-studded cast, snappy music, nostalgia soaked cinematography, numerous awards, and a climatic spotlight at the Academy Awards that would make even Steve Harvey blush—it’s easy to forget about the core message of Damien Chazelle’s musical, La La Land. And though there’s a lot to take from the 128 minute long movie, what we’re most interested in exploring are it’s commentaries on entrepreneurship.  (more…)


Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

We saw a lot of changes in the digital marketing platform in 2016. Now that the year is almost ending, businesses once again have to take a break from the daily operations and reflect on how digital marketing has worked for them. This is also the time to think about the next year, and what it has in store for them when it comes to marketing. Here are marketing trends businesses should expect in the year 2017. (more…)