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Plus, along with the facelift, we’ve added all sorts of new content to our learning center, new videos, new landing pages, and more information about the most popular types of business filings to help everyone, whether they are simply looking to file for a DBA or they want to take the steps to incorporate their business, make an informed decision.

In the words of our CEO Deborah Sweeney, it’s an awesome day in the land of MyCorp.


How to Select the Right Social Media Service For Your Company

There are a ton of social media sites and services out there. Nearly every major network has a handful of tiny competitors, who all hope that they can attract even a small percentage of the unique visitors checking out their behemoth counterparts. Understandably, this can create some confusion for new businesses. Which networks should you focus on? Do you need to have a profile on every single one? Or can you just hit the big guys and skip the little ones? Well the answers aren’t a simple yes or no, but there are some questions you can ask yourself to help figure out where you should focus your resources, and who you can ignore.

1. What is the size of the service?



Kickstarting a Weird and Wonky World

Kickstarter has quite a bit to celebrate. It has now seen three projects that have sought funding through its site break the million dollar mark, and is posed to surpass the NEA in total money distributed to approved projects for 2012. Kickstarter’s business model is nothing new – micro investment has been used for years, primarily in developing economies to help start small businesses. But the sheer size of Kickstarter’s user base means that all sorts of project are able to find an amazing level of support. The most recent million dollar project, for example, started as an effort to publish a webcomic’s archives in a physical format.

But Kickstarter’s hands-off approach to funding has meant that some slightly odder projects have found investors for products or ideas that, typically, few would be willing to touch. These range from your run of the mill oddity, more suitable in a sky mall catalog than a booming investment site, to the philosophically obtuse. In honor of Kickstarter’s third million-dollar project, we present three slightly more off-kilter products that have found success through Kickstarter. (more…)


Free Incorporation + Free Website

A down economy can really give people the push they need to help do what they have always dreamed. MyCorporation wants to help make entrepreneurial dreams come true. To give back to the small business community, MyCorporation announces its New Free Biz Pack which includes a Free Corporation or LLC filing, a Free Website for 1 year, and a Free trial of TurboTax Business.

This package is essential to starting a new business, and is available for a limited time only. Use coupon code MYFREE to waive MyCorporation’s regular service fee. Tell your friends, family, coworkers, and colleagues. This new business package is available exclusively from MyCorporation, so you can’t get it anywhere else. Call 1-877-692-6772 or visit for more information.