5 Ways to Make International Student Interns Feel at Home

5 Ways to Make International Student Interns Feel at HomeFor college students on the job search in a tough economy, internships are often the best way to work toward landing a full-time position. According to Forbes, 69 percent of companies that have more than 100 employees offered full-time positions to their interns during the 2011-2012 school year. Nearly every college student understands that internships are essentially just a long interview, after which they hope to receive a job offer.

For international students studying in the U.S. under an F1 visa, landing a full-time position is crucial, as the visa only allows unemployed graduates to stay in the country for 12 months post-graduation. Here are five ways to make your international student interns feel welcome, at home and comfortable in your office.



Guest Post: Can Interns Really Boost Your Business?

Finding the perfect employee for your small business can leave you caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. You want to hire a candidate who is enthusiastic and a good fit for the position and prepared to work hard. But your budget may not allow you to pay them more beyond hourly wage or provide the full set of full time hours that they want.

Meanwhile, your current staff can’t cope with the extra work, and having an extra pair of hands would be more than welcome. So what is the solution? (more…)


3 Pieces of Internship Advice for New (or Recent) College Grads

For everyone of the class of 2011… or 2010… or 2009, or maybe even 2008, finding a job is going to be a difficult and trying process. Finding someone who will actually pay you money for work is exciting, but the economy is in a volatile state, and has been for a few years. So what should the recent graduate going to do? Graduate schools, years off, and temporary positions in retail and food service are all on the table as newly minted professionals attempt to “wait it out.” Many are also looking to unpaid internships, which are an old source of college credit and experience. In a recent release, the Department of Labor revealed that the only sector of the job market that is truly showing growth is the unpaid internship. More and more are hoping that, with another sentence emblazoned on their résumé, dream jobs will be that much more attainable.

Don’t think that way. While unpaid internships are great when you have something else on your plate, like finishing college, they are simply not worth the time or effort once you are out of school for three main reasons. (more…)