3 Signs You’re Out of Touch With Your Most Important Customers

We all try to be in-tune with customers: sending surveys, providing feedback forms, offering round-the-clock support, and monitoring social media channels 24/7. But even if you respond to every comment, positive and negative, you’re not hearing from your most valuable customers. And it’s due to one common prejudice: survivor’s bias.  (more…)


Why a Professional Accountant is Important for a Start-Up

Starting a business is a step by step process – starting with an idea, a business name, and creating a business plan. A business plan includes the purpose of your business and how you will go about marketing or advertising the same. It also includes the expenses, liabilities, assists, budgets, and how your business plans to make a profit and grow. Growth alone is a complicated subject where you have short-term and long-term growth plans based on how well your business is doing. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to address legalities such as licenses, insurance, recruiting employees, etc.