What’s in a logo? Actually, quite a bit!

Logos are amazing things. They are just a few simple shapes and colors, and yet they have an amazing power to convey feeling and emotion. Alone, yellow M’s typically do not create a hunger for hamburgers and fries, nor do green mermaids fill your nose with the smell of freshly ground coffee. But we associate these reactions with logos, which are why they are so important to design well and protect.

But what goes into a truly great logo? Below are our five choices for the best logos for current products, and there are definite similarities that can be drawn between them. (more…)


MyCorp Gives to Joplin

For the entire month of August, we’re giving aid to Joplin, Missouri after the recent devastation of tornadoes throughout the area that occurred on May 22nd. 8,000 homes and small businesses were destroyed and damaged in the aftermath of the natural disaster. Even more tragic was the loss of life that occurred with 160 people killed. Joplin is still picking up the pieces with aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, but still needs the help of donors and charities to assist them in mending and beginning life once more. (more…)


Awesome Affiliates: Meltwater

Beginning with $15,000 and a shack of an office, this week’s affiliate grew to be one of the biggest online media monitoring firms in the world. Sounds pretty awesome to me. Meltwater is a software as a service (SaaS) company that aids businesses in amping up their online presence. Being the experts they are, we invite them to share a few tips on online advertising:

5 Tips for AdWords Advertisers

Often times, running a competitive AdWords campaign as a small business with a limited budget may feel like playing against a stacked deck. It’s important to remember that one of the primary reasons the pay-per-click model has been so successful is that it rewards advertisers who run relevant ads, not just those who spend the most money. It is still possible to achieve a high ROI on your campaigns as a smaller advertiser. These 5 tips can help you get there:



Four Traits No Entrepreneur Should Ever Have. EVER!

Drew Hansen, who is the Director of Editorial Business Operations at Forbes, recently wrote an interesting article on how both artists and entrepreneurs make themselves vulnerable by presenting an extension of themselves in their work that is new or challenging. The best entrepreneurs are those who can identify the next great thing and have the inner strength to continue pushing for a solid result, despite the typical lack of easy, all-encompassing acceptance.

He knows what's up.
Honestly, we just fell in love with this picture and had to use it, but I do tie it in later on. Spider-Man would probably be an awesome entrepreneur.

This is all well and good, but the article got me thinking about what makes a bad entrepreneur. The type of boss who throws out buzz words at every opportunity, wanting to web 2.0 the streamlined memory cloud. Who refuses to accept even the tiniest change to their plan when the advice comes from an employee, but is completely happy throwing out months of work to incorporate a vague idea that came to them in a dream. The boss who will spend all day looking at cat videos, but expects you to only take two previously specified, five-minute bathroom breaks. (more…)