For the entire month of August, we’re giving aid to Joplin, Missouri after the recent devastation of tornadoes throughout the area that occurred on May 22nd. 8,000 homes and small businesses were destroyed and damaged in the aftermath of the natural disaster. Even more tragic was the loss of life that occurred with 160 people killed. Joplin is still picking up the pieces with aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, but still needs the help of donors and charities to assist them in mending and beginning life once more.

Despite the fact that we do not see Joplin updates on the news with the frequency that they had a few months ago doesn’t mean that everything has already been squared away and taken care of. Natural disasters leave behind long term and long reaching effects on all involved and even on the lives of those who were not there. Families in other states are stricken with grief and worry at the thought of those they love being affected, young start-up entrepreneurs who invested everything into their new business are sadden by the pile of rubble that did not yet get a chance to be, unemployed workers trying to figure out how to begin again- all under the hot and humid August sun.

MyCorporation is donating $500 to the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation to aid Joplin. In addition to our donation, we’re also reaching out on Facebook for assistance- like our Facebook fan page and we’ll donate a dollar to the collection that we have created for each like. Throughout the month of August, we’ll also include news on the latest recovery efforts in Joplin and on how far our own collection has grown.

Many hands make light work and it takes people from all walks of life to make a difference in the lives of others. Join us in helping Joplin this summer- every dollar counts.