How to Market With a Bang Minus the Bucks

Marketing on a budgetAs a small business owner, you understand the value great marketing has on your company overall. From positive brand recognition to customer loyalty, making the right marketing moves can launch your business in all of the right directions.

Unfortunately, you also understand that ultimately it’s the budget that rules the roost; and if you don’t have the money to market yourself, you’ll simply have to go without. But not so fast! There are some economical ways your promotions can go off with a bang, minus the upfront bucks.

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The 7 Components of Complete Brand Strategy

If you don’t have a comprehensive brand strategy in place for your marketing efforts, chances are very good that you can sense something is already missing. When marketing efforts are begun without implementing a brand strategy, you hit a wall. At first it might not be obvious but after a while an astute marketing professional will be able to tell, as well as have the necessary skills to change that. This article will serve as a primer to having a comprehensive branding strategy that will sell products.
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How to Reinvent a Dead Brand

Rescuing a dead brand and nurturing it back to life is a special kind of business art that requires enterprise, vision and a bit of psychological savvy. Building a brand from scratch is easier, but it lacks the historic richness and recognition of a long established brand. Brands with history are already embedded in the public consciousness; whether memories are bad or good, the presence of any memory can be a marketing boon.

The burden of a brand revivalist is to rewrite the memories and reputation, erasing negative connotations and associations by reinforcing good brand qualities and rolling out new, impressive features. Following are typical strategies to reviving any brand.
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5 Places You Should Be Focusing Your Brand

It is not uncommon for businesses to feel overwhelmed when trying to create an effective brand. There are so many factors that play a role in your brand’s growth that it might seem like there are too many little things to worry about in the process before you get to the more important areas. But never fear – focusing on these five things will help you stay on track when it comes to your brand.

1. Get a Logo Design
Having a logo design created is one of the first and most important tasks you should focus on when developing your brand. The logo will be the face of your business and will either stick in consumers’ minds or be easily forgotten. Work with a professional designer to come up with a design that will speak to your target audience and represent your brand well. Continue reading