It is not uncommon for businesses to feel overwhelmed when trying to create an effective brand. There are so many factors that play a role in your brand’s growth that it might seem like there are too many little things to worry about in the process before you get to the more important areas. But never fear – focusing on these five things will help you stay on track when it comes to your brand.

1. Get a Logo Design
Having a logo design created is one of the first and most important tasks you should focus on when developing your brand. The logo will be the face of your business and will either stick in consumers’ minds or be easily forgotten. Work with a professional designer to come up with a design that will speak to your target audience and represent your brand well.

2. Don’t Forget Stationery!
Once you have the perfect logo design for your company, be sure to stock up on pieces of stationery that use the design. It’s important to have business cards, envelopes and letterhead that feature your logo in order to maintain consistency and professionalism. If you plan to build trust and loyalty with customers, it is important that they see how serious you are about your business. Stationery is a simple way to convey that message.

3. Launch a Website
Today’s consumers spend a great deal of time on the internet and they research services and products before purchasing anything. Building a website that is professional and easy to navigate will guarantee more sales. This will also make it easier for customers to refer your brand to others. Be sure to provide plenty of information and organize it on your site it in a natural way.

4. Get Blogging
Creating a blog as an extension of your brand’s website is a great way to get noticed quickly online. It’s important to update the company blog at least on a weekly basis. Writing blog posts will update your customers on your brand and enable you to discuss topics that are of interest to them. And as a bonus – searching for keywords found in your blog posts could also drive new customers to your blog!

5. Be Social
One of the easiest ways to communicate with your audience is through social media. Once you have established a logo for your brand and have developed a brand voice (funny, informative, techie, etc.), you should get your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. Make sure you post content regularly and engage with users to establish good rapport.

Branding your business can be tricky, but making sure you accomplish these five things will keep you on a path towards success! These goals are easily attainable with some time and thoughtfulness, so don’t miss out on building a great brand and creating a loyal customer base.

Danielle Pacelli is the Marketing Coordinator at MycroBurst/Logo Design Guru. MycroBurst is based in Langhorne, Pa. and is an online marketplace for graphic design. MycroBurst provides custom designs through crowdsourcing. Follow MycroBurst on Twitter @MycroBurst.