10 Best Apps for Entrepreneurs

10 Best Apps for EntrepreneursYou know what it’s like to start and run your own business.  After all, you’re an entrepreneur, and you’re in good company.

According to an recent article from Forbes, the ranks of entrepreneurs around the United States are continuing to grow.  As they change the face of the working world as we know it, they need the latest technical gadgets and gizmos to help them stay on track, provide great customer service and, most of all, keep those profit margins climbing.

This is where apps come into play.  Some are free, while others have nominal price tags.  Most are never used, or used just once, after they are downloaded. However, there are a few valuable apps out there that entrepreneurs around the country couldn’t imagine their lives without.  Those are the apps you need to have on your smartphone or tablet, especially if that’s what your competitors do.

Here are 10 of the hottest apps that men and women who have started their own companies wouldn’t leave home without.



5 Apps That Will Outperform Your Personal Assistant

Technology is advancing fast. You could argue the future envisioned in sci-fi movies and books is already here. Talking cars with in-dash navigation systems, face-to-face chats with friends half way around the world, kitchen appliances with touch-screens connected to the internet — tomorrow’s technology is here now, replacing things we take for granted.

These apps might soon replace personal assistants. They respond to your every command, have a virtual Rolodex of places, names, and facts at their fingertips, and manage all your daily tasks.



Awesome Affiliates: AppAhead

Need to know the best hotel rates in the city you’re about to travel to? There’s an App for that. Want to find the perfect gift for your 5 year anniversary? There’s an App for that.  Ever wonder how many cats you can fit into your Subaru? There’s probably an App for that…

Apps are becoming a quotidian part of, not just our virtual, but tangible lives.  AppAhead is taking the App craze and aiding small businesses in implementing personal Apps tailored to them:

As a Small Business, you need to stay connected with your customers.  In this increasingly mobile and social environment, your customers are turning to their phones and other mobile devices more often, so are you staying ahead of your competition and getting a mobile App for your business?  You should be.  Mobile Apps have exploded in popularity, and it’s not all fun and games.  Sure, you can download a game to your phone to pass time, but take a look at your local fast food restaurant, auto repair shop, or Movie Theater – more than likely they’re sporting an App too.  The latest trend is to make your own App, but that can be very costly to build and maintain if you do the development in-house.  AppAhead is an affordable alternative to doing it all yourself. (more…)