10 Best Apps for EntrepreneursYou know what it’s like to start and run your own business.  After all, you’re an entrepreneur, and you’re in good company.

According to an recent article from Forbes, the ranks of entrepreneurs around the United States are continuing to grow.  As they change the face of the working world as we know it, they need the latest technical gadgets and gizmos to help them stay on track, provide great customer service and, most of all, keep those profit margins climbing.

This is where apps come into play.  Some are free, while others have nominal price tags.  Most are never used, or used just once, after they are downloaded. However, there are a few valuable apps out there that entrepreneurs around the country couldn’t imagine their lives without.  Those are the apps you need to have on your smartphone or tablet, especially if that’s what your competitors do.

Here are 10 of the hottest apps that men and women who have started their own companies wouldn’t leave home without.

  1. Dropbox – For simple cloud computing and fast management of document, image and file sharing, Dropbox takes the prize.  Cost of app:  Free.
  2. Tempo Smart Calendar – Want to take your calendar to the next level?  Tempo not only stores your upcoming appointments, but it provides smart alerts, too.  Cost of app:  Free.
  3. Quibb – Make your leisure time more productive with this app that enables entrepreneurs to share what they are reading right now, from blogs from politicians to press releases.  Cost of app:  Free.
  4. IKEA Catalog App – Are you planning a renovation?  Moving to a new office space? Going to college? Let this app from IKEA virtually show you what furnishings will look like in your workspace. This worked well for me in when I got my first apartment at Vista College.  Cost of app: Free.
  5. Flycut – If you’re working with snippets of code or other info, you can use Flycut to easily manage all your clipboard items.  Cost of app:  Free.
  6. 15Five – Is your team growing?  Keep the communications flowing using this app that’s been getting some rave reviews.  Cost of app:  Varies based on subscription, free trial.
  7. Keynote Presenter Tool – Entrepreneurs often have to make presentations, and this app makes being able to organize and view everything so easy that Seth Godin, thought-guru for the modern age, says he couldn’t live without it.  Cost of app:  $19.99.
  8. TinyPulse – To get honest feedback from your client base, try this app that allows you to send out incredibly short quizzes to customers.  You’ll find out what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong and what you’ll want to do tomorrow.  Cost of app:  Price varies based on the number of users.
  9. Evernote – This is the chameleon of apps, because you can use it for so many tasks. The thing it’s used for is a tool to help you remember everything, but you can play around with it to see how it best fits your needs.  Cost of app:  Free.
  10. Focus Booster – Have tons to do and need to stay on top of your time?  Focus Booster helps you stay on track with 25-minute increments of powerful “getting it done” productivity.  Cost of app:  Free.

Don’t wait to jump on these apps, and try out the ones that make the most sense for you and your team.  Every little advantage gets you one step closer to your short- and long-term goals!

Scott Huntington is a writer, reporter, and blogger. He lives in PA and with his wife and son, writing about social media and doing research for McElroy Metal.  Follow Scott at @SMHuntington