Business Basics: Corporate Seals

Corporate seals are a remnant of the middle ages, back when official documents were legitimized by a hot wax imprint of a seal or crest. The practice of ‘sealing’ documents kept on throughout the centuries, though the hot-wax method eventually gave way to rubber stamps and paper seals. Today, corporate law still allows for the use of corporate seals, though they are no longer as important as they once were. This week in business basics we answer a few of the most commonly questions we receive about corporate seals, and let you know if you should get one for your own corporation. Corporate Seal

What is a corporate seal?

A corporate seal is essentially a signature for your business. When you incorporate, you turn your business into its own, legal entity. Since a corporation cannot sign anything, a corporate seal is used to mark legal and official documentation. These days, most corporate seals are either rubber stamps or steel embossers, and are normally designed to fall apart if tampered with to help avoid fraud.

Do I need a corporate seal?

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How to Cut Printing and Copying Costs For a Business

Although many had believed the digital age would bring a dramatic decrease in the usage of paper as a medium, it is evident that this is not yet the case. The average company still prints around a hundred documents a day, which proves that paper is still irreplaceable in the business world. However, computers did bring us an unwelcomed change – increasing complexity in managing and controlling a company’s paper output.

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How Rubber Stamps Can Help Your Business Stand Out

When your business begins to grow, it is important that you, as the leader, begin thinking about the importance of your company’s appearance. There are a lot of areas that can be covered on a large scale, from moving to a more prominent office location to creating a new, more user friendly website. Often, many businesses pay more attention to big changes and skip out on smaller ones that can make your office look and feel more professional, without draining your company’s coffers.

One of the simplest, most cost effective things that your business can invest in is rubber stamps. These basic office supplies can go a long way in making your business appear larger and more professional, not only to employees, but to customers and suppliers as well. Here are a few ways how basic and customized rubber stamps can help your business stand out from your competition.
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