publishing industryBecoming a small business owner involves a lot of paperwork. And even when you’ve gotten through the paperwork to start your business, it doesn’t ever let up. Yes, the life of an entrepreneur is forever plagued by paperwork. That being the case, it can be pretty easy to become disorganized with all those papers. Customers often misplace copies of their documents and need to re order corporate records, costing them time and money. 

Luckily, MyCorp offers a service, starting at just $24 per year, that will single-handedly organize and protect all of those important documents.  

Introducing, MyCorp Vault 

When you use MyCorp Vault, we will:

  • Store all of your business documents in one place.
  • Store your documents safely and securely.
  • Keep your business in legal compliance.
  • Protect your personal assets by preserving the corporate veil.
  • Don’t waste time searching for your corporate documents.

MyCorp Vault comes in handy when you’re at the bank and opening a bank account and/or need a loan. You need those documents. Or you have a meeting with your attorney or accountant. You need those documents. Or maybe you just want to review your paperwork without rifling through mounds of loose papers. With MyCorp Vault, you have all the necessary paperwork at your fingertips, and only accessible by you. 

Want to get started today, or have questions for us? Give us a call at 1877-692-6772 or click here for more information.