How Much Does a Company’s Culture Matter?

From small startups to Fortune 100 corporations, company culture seems to be the topic du jour as of late. But, is all of this airtime really warranted? Does a company’s culture truly matter that much? Who pays attention to this? A recent study jointly conducted by professors at Duke and Columbia Universities found that an overwhelming number of C-level executives believe culture matters—a  lot. So much so, in fact, that they said a potential business merger or acquisition could even fail if the cultures of the two companies involved did not mesh. (more…)


How to Handle Difficult Employee Situations

Once you grab that great franchise opportunity and find yourself in charge of not just a business, but the people that you need to help you run it, you will almost certainly find yourself on occasion having to deal with difficult or delicate employee situations. With this in mind, here are some tips to help you sail these difficult waters: (more…)


How to Improve the Recruitment Process at Your Small Business

Today’s overcrowded job market makes sourcing and engaging talent somewhat harder for small businesses. Usually kept very busy by their many responsibilities, owners of small companies are unlikely to spend lots of time on recruitment – they simply cannot manage all those things at once. That’s why improving recruitment in small businesses is based on simplification. Once the hiring process is simple, clear and uncomplicated, managers significantly improve their chances at having a surge of new talent knocking at their door. Here are 5 things you can do right now to improve your hiring strategy. (more…)


MyCorp FAQs: How do I start collecting payroll taxes?

The IRS, nearly every state tax agency, and even some cities require employers to withhold a certain amount from their employee’s paychecks to cover income tax, social security, and medicare obligations. payroll taxesThese are payroll taxes, and it’s your responsibility, as a small business owner, to collect and send them in. The amount varies from state to state, and in some cases city to city, but there are three main steps to collection.

Everyone you hire fills out a W-4, which gives you some basic information like family size and other deductions. (more…)


Experts Weigh In: How does your business celebrate Halloween?

Halloween pumpkinThe cotton cobwebs are popping out, you can buy just about anything in a pumpkin flavor, and “Creative Costume Ideas” is the number one Google search these days. That’s right, Halloween is in the air. MyCorporation likes to celebrate by dressing up and having a spooky-themed pot-luck for lunch (complete with Mummy Pizza and a bubbling Witch’s Punch).

We asked some of our small business experts how their businesses were celebrating the holiday and this is what they had to say!: (more…)