Become a Blogger on the MyCorp Blog!

Are you a small business owner, entrepreneur, or just brimming with advice about the start-up world that you want to share? We want you to come and blog with us!

What started as just a few guest inquiries last spring has become a tremendous success on our MyCorp blog – now we have guest writers from all over the country (as well as outside of the United States) contributing their thoughts and ideas about small business with us. In fact, our program has been such a success that MyCorp recently had the honor of being placed at #11 on a list of the top business blogs that accept guest posts! And while we are absolutely thrilled to be on that list, it’s also been a lot of work getting there as guest blogging is pretty time consuming on the email front.

Guest post idea

Until now, our guest-blogging system has essentially been an e-mail address and some generic guidelines. But we’re streamlining the process for 2014 to make it easier on contributors with a revamped system, and are proud to unveil our new article submission process!



Guest Bloggers Wanted!

We now have a submission form exclusively for writers looking to blog with us

Interested in introducing your newly formed start-up or small business to the world? Are you a CEO or manager with tips and advice on anything from filing for the S-corp deadline to how to pick the best location for your business or even with a story of your own experiences from working within the field? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’re now accepting submissions for guest bloggers for our very own MyCorp blog!

As a guest blogger here, you’ll get to: (more…)