6 Ways Small Businesses Can Leverage PPC Advertising Better Than Big Brands

Many people believe that pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is only profitable for big brands that can invest more money and have high PPC budgets. They believe the success of a PPC campaign is directly related to the size of the advertising budget. The more money you have to place bids, the more competitive keywords you can target, and the more potential customers you can bring to your site. But here’s a good news for small business owners; there are ways you can attract new customers through PPC advertising without breaking the bank. (more…)


Forget Renting an Office! Build a Home You Can Work From

Small businesses are the economic engine of America. Did you know that there are more than 28 million registered small businesses in the United States? Cumulatively, SMB’s represent a 99.7% of national employers, and they are responsible for generating over two million new jobs in the United States annually.

Cities and towns know that small businesses are important to job creation. However, the cost of renting business space is accelerating in many areas of the United States, to the extent that it may jeopardize economic growth. Read: “How Rising Commercial Rents Are Threatening Independent Businesses, and What Cities Are Doing About It”. (more…)


How is Your Web Design Affecting Your Business’s Growth?

There is not a single business on the planet that does not have an online presence. Any enterprise that hopes to be successful must employ the internet. You can promote your business online to an audience of billions. Even better is the fact that you can sell your products right from the comfort of your home through your website. However, owning a website is not as simple as getting a random site set up for you. (more…)


How To Get More Followers On Twitter For A New Small Business

For new businesses, the idea of starting from scratch building any community on social media can be intimidating.

In fact, sometimes it seems like the first one hundred or so followers will never come!

While some would argue that the numbers don’t matter as long as the followers are targeted, I think all would agree that a large TARGETED following is ideal.

Why exactly is a large following important? (more…)

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How Your Business Structure Can Impact Your Business Taxes

There’s nothing simple about starting and owning a business. Choices are everywhere — in business plans, company names, pricing, employees, benefits and office space. But first, in order to register your company with state and federal agencies, you’ll need to choose a business structure, and this choice can have ramifications that are not immediately clear.

A business’s structure is basically the way it’s organized. It answers questions like who’s in charge, how profits will be distributed and whether owners are responsible for debts accrued by the business. The most common IRS-recognized business structures include the following: (more…)


Fifteen Ways to Transform Your Cash Flow

Even the most stable and profitable businesses can experience temporary cash flow problems. These blips can cause serious consequences for a company – but they’re easy to avoid with the following tips.

1 Understand your cash management.

Before you do anything else, get to grips with your accounts. Look at your accounts payable and receivable, credit conditions and stock, and highlight any predicted shortfalls between income and expenditure. By preparing a realistic weekly or monthly cash flow forecast, you can highlight when you will need to borrow, whether via an overdraft, emergency loan or ongoing borrowing arrangement. (more…)


Making it in Entrepreneurship: Lessons from Richard Branson

shutterstock_131437046Richard Branson, like other entrepreneurs, welcomes gaps and problems in the world as a chance to create something. He has established businesses in various fields during his over 40 years in the business, and has his name behind over 100 world-famous brands. That’s why everyone wants to hear what he says, and so we’re offering tidbits he’s shared in various forums throughout the world. (more…)


4 Ways To Up Your Business Security

iStock_000017173323XSmallBusiness security doesn’t stop at your front door. An office contains far more valuable items than just your laptop and desktop computers. In fact, it is the information locked away in their drives that can put you most at risk.

Every year thousands of SMEs are targeted by fraudsters, who gain access to the personal records and accounts that are stored on their systems. If you don’t make moves to limit access to these files, you could see your business held back before it’s really begun to grow. By establishing a safety net early on, you can ensure your employees know exactly what to do in the event of a data breach. (more…)


6 Tips That Will Help You Come Up With a Great Business Budget

income taxAs an entrepreneur starting out in business, you might know a lot of things about how to penetrate your market, but you can’t know everything. One of the areas that most start up business people find themselves lacking is in bookkeeping.

Budgeting is an aspect of bookkeeping that most people think comes naturally, but it doesn’t. Even though you are very good at maintaining a healthy personal budget, when it comes to a business, the principles change.

With a little training, though, you can learn tips that will get you started in creating a good business budget. (more…)