How to Reinvent Your Business this 2017

Has your business been in a rut these past few years? Perhaps the first couple months in the New Year is the perfect time to consider the possibility of a business overhaul. Many small businesses have taken big leaps to reinvent their brand as early as possible in order to thrive and survive in this constantly changing economy. While succumbing to change means taking the riskier and the more difficult road, many entrepreneurs who take the trail actually come out the most successful.

Whether it be expanding marketing efforts or modifying products and services, start the new year right by learning when and how to reinvent your business, slowly but surely. (more…)


Experts Weigh In: How has luck played a role in starting your business?

Being a successful business owner takes a lot of hard work, and a little bit of luck. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we wanted to find out in what ways our small business owners have gotten lucky with their ventures.

Here’s what they had to say…

1. “It sounds weird to say it, but a family illness was actually the spark of luck that gave me the drive (and the excuse) to start my business. I have family in East Africa, and when one of them became very ill I ended up visiting them and staying there for a few months. I had time to pursue my dream of starting my own company, and it quickly took off. Luckily my family member got better too!” –Max Robinson, Mahlatini Safari (more…)


What Contractors Need to Know About the DoL’s Paid Sick Leave Final Rule

On September 29 this year the Department of Labor (DoL) published its Final Rule on Executive Order 13706 (Establishing Paid Sick Leave for Federal Contractors) signed by President Obama a year earlier. Under the order the Secretary of Labor was directed to devise and issue rules and regulations for the implementation of the provisions of the order. A year later these rules are a fact! (more…)


5 Ways A Blog Will Take Your Business To The Next Level

The internet is the most revolutionary tool that business owners have ever been given access to. In 2012, worldwide e-commerce sales hit $1.06 trillion. Forecasts for 2018 are already predicting more than a 50 percent increase in these numbers

However, with so many great companies vying for visibility on the net, it’s unsurprising that innovation equates success online. Due to this, one of the most effective tools has been employing the use of a blog. (more…)


4 Health Insurance Musts for Entrepreneurs

For many Americans, the freedom associated with running their own business or working independently as a consultant or freelancer can be very appealing. But with that freedom and independence also comes a lot of responsibility, and not just the day-to-day operations and accounting processes necessary to keep the business afloat. There are also things like health insurance to consider. (more…)


Which Industries Are the Most Successful During Valentine’s Day?

Ever wonder which types of businesses cupid’s arrow snags the most throughout the season surrounding Valentine’s Day? While some of the answers won’t surprise you (like florists and candy shops enjoying a strong sales boost), others may. Did you know that in recent years one of the most popular gifts to give isn’t a bouquet of roses or a dinner date out, but the gift of experience via a gym membership or outdoor adventure? Or that now more than ever one of our biggest Valentines include our pets? Utilizing statistics from the National Retail Federation throughout 2014-2017, we’ve rounded up a look at February 14th’s greatest hits by the numbers to see which industries are consistently successful at spreading the love.