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is the CEO of MyCorporation is a leader in online legal filing services for entrepreneurs and businesses, providing start-up bundles that include corporation and LLC formation, registered agent, DBA, and trademark & copyright filing services. MyCorporation does all the work, making the business formation and maintenance quick and painless, so business owners can focus on what they do best.

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LinkedIn Series Part 2: Attracting a Base Organically

So you are all set up with a personal profile and company page, and now you want to 7 Ways Social Media Can Take Your Business from Good to Greatattract your target audience. There are a couple of different ways to go about creating content, but the most important thing to remember is to give before asking. Whether it’s contributing to your own groups, your friends’ groups, or your company page, very little of your content should be conversion based. Nobody wants to follow someone who only takes and never gives.

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LinkedIn Series Part 1: Setting Up Your Small Business Presence

The core of your LinkedIn success comes from your profile. Without a reputable and social media buttonstrong presence, it is virtually impossible to gain real traction on the website. But where do you start? Your company’s LinkedIn page will be different from any other social media outlet, and your personal and company profiles require different approaches.

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MyCorp FAQs: Does my Online Business Have to Collect Sales Tax?

All businesses pay a federal income tax, whether its as its own entity or through the income tax of the owner. But, sales tax is a completely different story. Sales tax is determined by each individual state and the requirements for multiple state businesses are often complicated. sales taxThose requirements get further complex when you are an online business as you may not have any physical presence in the state itself. Whether or not your online business has to pay sales tax all depends on the states’ definition of one word: nexus.

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Experts Weigh In: What do you look for in a vacation spot?

SONY DSCOwning a small business is exhausting. Ask any entrepreneur and they’ll tell you that the CEO never really gets a “day off,” but it’s still nice to get away every now and then. We asked our small business experts what they look for in a vacation spot. From the fastest WIFI available to fine dining, here’s what they had to say… Continue reading

How to Successfully Start Your Own Business in 6 Steps

Come_In_Were_OpenAccording to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 new small businesses will fail within the first 18 months. In other words, it’s not easy being your own boss. To make it as a company involves planning, making sound financial decisions and carrying out what seems to be an endless list of legal activities.

Of course, that’s just the beginning. Even after all your paperwork has been completed and you’ve given the first down payment to secure that business location you had your eye on; there are other things you need to figure out: Will you limit your online presence to a “simple” website or will you have some sort of social media presence? Will you buy a phone system or settle for a softphone? Will you hire any remote workers or you plan to keep your staff local?

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MyCorp FAQs: How Do I Know the Value of My Business?

If you have ever watched the TV show, Shark Tank, you know just how aloof business estimated tax paymentevaluations can be. The mere fact that a valuation can be negotiated shows just how much subjectivity business evaluations hold. But regardless of how you come up with the number, the valuation of your business is vital. The value of your business can help you determine your company’s financial and competitive standing. For larger public corporations, a valuation is typically created through the stock price. What about private corporations? There are three easy ways to find the value of your business regardless of size.

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MyCorp FAQs: What are Some Common Business Name Mistakes to Avoid?

One of the first steps to creating your own business is picking your name. You can LogoGardenPhotochange your name in the future, but almost every entrepreneur is set on getting it right the first time. Maintaining your business name can significantly help your brand consistency. Whether it’s your first business or one of many, you’ve probably spent a bit of time thinking of the perfect name, and have inevitably asked – what some common business name mistakes to avoid during this important choice? Continue reading

Experts Weigh In: How have you responded to Google’s algorithm change?

touchscreen interfaceIt’s no surprise that over 60 percent of all searches are now happening on mobile devices. To keep up with the times, Google has recently made changes to its search algorithm causing sites with mobile friendly experiences to be ranked higher when searched. MyCorporation recently debuted our new site to comply with the Google’s announcement and to create a more user-friendly experience. We asked our small business experts what their thoughts are on Google’s algorithm change, and how they’ve been adjusting…  Continue reading

¿Qué es el Proceso de MyCorporation ?

business website¿Alguna vez se sienta en su mesa en un restaurante y pensar en cómo su comida llegó allí ? Usted probablemente se preguntará donde la comida viene y cómo estaba preparado . Como consumidores, nos gusta saber lo que son productos que han pasado por llegar a la fase final. ¿Te has preguntado lo que sucede después de enviar un pedido con MyCorporation ? Hay cuatro pasos clave que se producen a su vez una llamada de teléfono en un relleno legal completo .

1. Confirme

Después de un cliente envía su orden , comprobamos la disponibilidad nombre y nos aseguramos de que recibimos toda la información necesaria . Una vez , comprobamos los , que personalmente le llamamos para asegurarse de que entiende las expectativas de la presentación . Cada estado tiene diferentes requisitos de documentación y , por lo tanto , puede tomar diferentes cantidades de tiempo para completar . También nos aseguramos de que usted sabe las diferentes especificaciones de su estado de presentación. Debido a que el servicio al cliente es muy importante para nosotros , queremos iniciar una conversación con nuestros clientes para que se sientan bien informados.

2. Preparar y Enviar

Después de que confirmemos plazo de la presentación , los jefes de la orden a nuestro equipo de procesamiento increíble. El equipo revisa cuidadosamente la información que diste y lo utiliza para preparar sus documentos de acuerdo con las especificaciones del estado. A continuación, los documentos se archivan y se envían a el cliente o el estado , según los requisitos del estado. Como usted puede decir probablemente , gran parte de nuestro trabajo gira en torno a conocer y cumplir con las leyes de cada estado . Estamos orgullosos de nuestra estrecha relación con los Estados que garanticen nos quedamos en la parte superior de todas las necesidades nuevas y cambiantes . Después se preparan los documentos , los enviamos al estado para su aprobación. Dependiendo del estado , esto puede tomar de dos a veinte días . Una vez aprobados , los documentos se envían de nuevo a ser finalizado.

3. Finalizar

Cuando se reciben los documentos del estado , es el momento para finalizar . Aquí es donde el paquete final se une. Comprobamos todo por la precisión y preparar una copia para usted. Una vez terminado, enviamos el producto final a su dirección.

4. Renovación Anual

Para la mayoría de nuestros clientes , el cumplimiento no se detiene con la presentación inicial . 72 % de nuestros clientes tomar ventaja de nuestros servicios de renovación , y el proceso continúa con nuevas presentaciones , como los informes anuales . Con la Renovación Anual , los clientes reciben un correo electrónico dos semanas antes de la facturación para confirmar el pedido y su información . Una vez confirmado , las repeticiones del equipo los pasos dos y tres y acabados mediante el envío de una copia al cliente.

Ahora que usted sabe nuestro proceso, llámenos al 1 (877) 692-6772 o , y vamos a ayudarle a crear y dirigir su negocio!