Our 5 Favorite Holiday Marketing Campaigns

It’s almost Christmas! And with the holiday season has come the annual barrage of holiday advertising. As someone who works with businesses, entrepreneurs, and brands, I actually really enjoy holiday marketing. Not only does it help you get into the spirit, but it’s a lot of fun to see how major marketing firms tackle the holidays. After asking around the office, it seems I’m not the only one who actually likes holiday marketing! And so we thought it’d be fun to take a look at Team MyCorp’s top 5 holiday campaigns.

Coca-Cola Sundblom Santa

Coke knows how to use its brand, and every year we normally see a new iteration of an image Coke has been using since 1931 to market during the holidays. That Santa-Claus, which was drawn by Haddon Sundblom for Coca-Cola ad agency director Archie Lee, is such a ubiquitous and long-lasting part of Coca-Cola’s brand that, for a while, it was rumored Coca-Cola actually created our modern image of Santa Claus, with the white and red being Coke’s primary colors. Though that rumor isn’t true, as time wore on, many began to associate the Sundblom Santa with all of the pleasant feelings that normally accompany Christmas. And Coca-Cola has certainly ensured that their trademark Santa would continue to be an important part of the holiday season. Nearly every year, that Santa shows up in some way – be it in a wider marketing campaign, on branded merchandise, or on the cans themselves. Continue reading

How to Integrate Social Media and SEO to Drive Brand Awareness

How to Integrate Social Media and SEO to Drive Brand AwarenessAs the owner of a small business, you know what it’s like to have a lot on your plate. Some days, it may feel as if you need a small army in place just to keep up with the way you need to market and brand yourself – not to mention making a profit and paying attention to your customers! Well, I’ve got a secret to share with you: you don’t need an army. All you need is a thirst for knowledge. The trick is to stay on top of trends and when things move, move with them!

Working in the marketing industry, I’ve come to understand that it is never about one thing or the other, it is about how all of the pieces of the puzzle come together to form the big picture. Ten years ago, your business might have gotten by with some television commercials and perhaps an advertisement or two in your local newspaper, but times have changed – how can you compete and stay on top today?

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Respecting Tradition: Why Offline Marketing Still Works

Why Offline Marketing Still WorksWhen it comes to marketing, entrepreneurs have to remember that it isn’t always an “either/or” proposition, especially with small business owners that already have a physical presence with brick-and-mortar stores in place. You can still pursue traditional offline marketing techniques while getting your brand’s message out to a broader audience range through social media platforms. Diversity is key to capturing as much of your market as possible and offline marketing, for all intents and purposes, isn’t dead just yet – it’s still a tried and true method in the following areas.

Print Ads

Although newspapers may be seen as a dying medium with its main consumer base composed of baby boomers, there is a still good reason for you to have an ad printed in your local paper. According to the 2013 Nielsen National Cross-Media Engagement Study, newspapers have the highest advertising effectiveness ratings, beating social media, TV and radio in “Likely to Purchase,” “Usually Noticed” and “Advertising Annoyance” categories.

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Keeping Business Momentum Moving During the First Quarter and Beyond

Business profitability moves in a cyclical pattern. Typically, the first quarter of the New Year is the slowest, and is often the most difficult to survive, particularly for small businesses. It’s natural that sales taper off during this time of year – customers are recovering from their holiday spending, they’re preparing to pay Uncle Sam what they owe and the winter doldrums have set in as well. However, there are a few things that you can do to help ensure that you keep your business moving forward.
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Guest Post: 4 Ways to Get Great Reviews for Your Business

You read that right- it only takes 4 simple steps to get your business the great testimonials and reviews it deserves! Our Friday guest post comes to you courtesy of WordofMouth.org’s CEO Andy Sernovitz who discusses the power of the positive recommendation, how it affects and motivates our shopping habits and the 4 ways that anyone can begin getting these types of reviews for their own.

True, honest love from a happy customer in the form of a testimonial or review can be incredibly powerful. More than any copy you could write, any ad you could buy, or any offer you could pitch – a recommendation from a happy customer motivates people to buy.

It’s more than just the warm fuzzies, recent research from Nielsen shows that 92% of us trust recommendations from people we know, and 70% of us trust reviews from strangers online. That’s much more significantly than how much we trust the traditional method of advertising, editorial content, and search marketing.

So how do we get this positive feedback? It only takes 4 simple steps! Continue reading

8 Steps to a Successful Google Places Listing

Here at MyCorp, we are very proud to have introduced our readers to our affiliate StarterSuccess. StarterSuccess provides small business solutions such as the ability to write a business plan, business marketing and employee management. They also provide Google Place listings. Google Places helps business be found on Google in order to promote the business. StarterSuccess provided us with 8 steps to a successful Google Places Listing. Millions of businesses are already using Google Places proving it is an invaluable tool. Use these tips to help your business get started! Continue reading

Awesome Affiliates: Bizdocs

Welcome Gretchen Miller, President of Bizdocs and good soul. Bizdocs is an online service that offers new businesses the opportunity to ask questions and find their way with some friendly, affordable help.

“You can have everything you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”  That’s a quote from the book “See You at the Top”, by Zig Ziglar, an American author, salesman, and motivational speaker.  When I was a kid it was available on cassette so I gave it a listen; then I listened again and again and again.  I couldn’t really tell you what was on the rest of the tape set but I will never forget that quote.  As it turned out, Zig really knew what he was talking about.  It comes down to one thing:  Stop worrying about your own problems and help people. Continue reading

Discount Do’s and Don’ts

Do you use coupons? Most businesses do, in one way or another, and they have historically been a great way to boost sales and move product. After the recession hit, thousands of companies began to rush coupons through the printers in an attempt to hold on to some of their customer. However, a recent article from The Street explored the concept of the coupon and posed the question: are consumers burnt out on deals?

Hopefully you don’t cause your customer’s coffee tables to look like this.

It is an interesting problem, but not very surprising. It is easier than ever to send a blast of promotional material over the internet, and many online consumers have begun to tune it out. Too many coupons could also hurt the reputation of a company’s product, as consumers will begin to associate it with a discount brand. So how can your business properly utilize promotions?

Below are our five tips for using coupons to increase sales without annoying your customers or ruining your image. Continue reading

Awesome Affiliates: Meltwater

Beginning with $15,000 and a shack of an office, this week’s affiliate grew to be one of the biggest online media monitoring firms in the world. Sounds pretty awesome to me. Meltwater is a software as a service (SaaS) company that aids businesses in amping up their online presence. Being the experts they are, we invite them to share a few tips on online advertising:

5 Tips for AdWords Advertisers

Often times, running a competitive AdWords campaign as a small business with a limited budget may feel like playing against a stacked deck. It’s important to remember that one of the primary reasons the pay-per-click model has been so successful is that it rewards advertisers who run relevant ads, not just those who spend the most money. It is still possible to achieve a high ROI on your campaigns as a smaller advertiser. These 5 tips can help you get there:

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Awesome Affiliates: RealPractice

This Awesome Affiliate is known for building websites of the best quality and successful online marketing for businesses and firms. In a Q&A sesh, RealPractice shares the tricks of the trade when it comes to their website and marketing biz:

How does RealPractice help small firms and businesses grow?
RealPractice helps small businesses generate more revenue. The company provides online marketing services, professional websites, and client acquisition solutions for firms across the country. These solutions help firms to get more calls from potential clients, track the effectiveness of online marketing, and ultimately close more business. Continue reading