Smartphones, such as the iPhone, Droid and Blackberry, have recently taken networking by storm. Businesses of all sizes are utilizing the new mobile platform in order to increase the frequency and ability with which they can communicate with their customers. By providing information on the mobile platform, customers are able to access this information 24/7 through email, twitter, and mobile applications. Small businesses especially can increase their presence by tailoring their information in order to be compatible with mobile devices. Below are five tips to keep in mind when utilizing the mobile platform.

1. Fit your information to a smaller screen: Although it may appear obvious but ill formatted emails may cost you customers. Mobile devices change e-mail structures. Make sure that your headings are highlighted and pictures are formatted. In addition, re-consider your subject line as this may be all that the user will see. As many users only read the subject line of an e-mail, make sure that your subject line sends a strong and direct message.
2. Choose your content carefully: Whether you are communicating via e-mail, twitter or facebook make sure that all of your information is pertinent. Wordy emails and lengthy twitter updates will probably be ignored. If this information is read on a mobile device, your reader probably does not have time to read an entire page of content. Create your message and deliver it concisely. This will insure that the information you want to provide the customer is received.
3. Consider your audience: Children as young as five and adults as old as ninety-five are using mobile devices. Remember this when creating content. Do not assume that your only readers are those in the working world presumably between the ages of twenty and sixty. As mentioned above, short and sweet is best. A few simple but important sentences can be read and understood by mobile users of all ages.
4. Try to utilize text messaging: Even with the growth of iPhones and Droid-powered smartphones, these are still only a slice of the mobile market. Millions of people are still engaging via text messaging and SMS platforms. Consider adding a text message link in your next newsletter. As text messaging does cost money, you need to obtain permission in order to do this. However, giving your customers the option to receive text message about special deals, sales and updated information will keep them current and excited about your business.
5. Don’t overdo it: Edit the number of emails, tweets and texts you send out per day. While getting information to your customers is important, overwhelming them with data will produce negative effects. Strategically planned information updates will lead to success for your business.

Tailoring your information to fit the growing mobile platform will help your business succeed. Learn more information about starting a corporation or LLC here.