Printed Banners are Excellent Advertising Tools

Business managers around the world are always worrying about how to promote their firm. Excellent advertising is at the heart of any successful company. That is why this aspect of their work is crucial. When it comes to promotions, there are hundreds of different ways to go.

These days, there is a great emphasis on digital advertising and the benefits that come with it. While there are doubtless many advantages to this form of marketing, you should not rely on it alone. Let’s say you were a fisherman and you came across three ponds. What would you do? Would you try to catch fish in just one of the ponds and hope for the best? Or, would you set up nets in all three? The answer is obvious. Now, imagine those ponds were media forms. One is print media; one is digital media, and the last one is outdoor media. You need to set up strategies for each of these things if you want to get a mass customer base.

It may surprise you to learn that including printed banners in your strategy will make a huge impact. Let’s take a look at why printed banners can be beneficial as part of your company’s marketing and advertising strategy.

Printed banners are cost-effective

When you weigh up the cost of an online marketing campaign or even TV adverts, you will see that they can be pricey. The prices can keep mounting and mounting. You have to pay for production, advertising space and even updates. When it comes to banners, though, there is just one cost. Once you have printed your creative advert, you can use it and use it again. Before you know it, you will have got more than your money’s worth out of the investment. There are many companies out there who can help you with the whole process.

Nothing beats classic advertising

While advertising trends come and go, the traditional print style stays sharp. There is something utterly nostalgic about printed banners as a form of publicity. When you walk through a city, stop and take a look around you. How many billboards and banners can you see? These things are as much a part of society as any of us. That is to say that the streets would be nothing without them. When people walk around, they subconsciously notice these adverts before they see them. That means that you will affect people on a daily basis with your banner.

The same goes for indoor advertising as well as outdoor. Nothing makes more impact on potential clients or business partners than designing and printing eye-catching office graphics. While often adding to the workplace environment in general, it’s a great way of advertising your own brand to anyone who steps foot into your business premises.

Eye-catching and intriguing

When print advertising works well, it catches people attention before they can even see what it is. From a distance, people should notice your advert and find it intriguing. When they get close to it, they will want to read it and see what it says. If your banner works well, it should have a lasting effect on the people who walk by it. They should remember your core message long after they have walked up the road. If you can engage with people on a conscious level, your job is complete. Printed banners allow you to give a direct message to people. There is nothing more valuable than that power. For some design inspiration, here are 50 eye-catching advertising posters.

A picture speaks a thousand words

You know that old saying? Well, it is true. When people see a bright image, it speaks to them. They don’t have to read a bulk of text to find out about your business. You can tell them all they need to know about you with a simple image. If you get the photograph or picture right, it will convey a positive message about your products. People will take away that message and start to think more and more about your business.

You can target a direct market

When it comes to the online world or even PR, it is hard to target the right people. If you have a banner, though, you can ensure that the right people see it. Where you put the advert is the key to your success. For example, if you want to attract university students, you could hang the banner near to a campus. If you wish to attract business people, you should hang it near the industrial sector of your city. Once you start to consider your audience, you will see that it makes a massive difference.

So there you have it. When it comes to your next media campaign, be sure to diversify and include some print adverts. We’re certain that these simple, yet effective media forms will be a massive hit.

Little Digitalist is the trading name of Lucy Kirkness, an independent SEO Consultant in Brighton, who works with companies of all shapes and sizes.