3 Things to Consider When Choosing Finance Software for Your Business

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Finance Software for Your BusinessBy Mike Spalding

There is one area of business that very few business owners, managers or entrepreneurs really enjoy working on and that’s finance. Unless you happen to be an accountant, this is probably one aspect of business management that you try your best to ignore.

But it’s important that all businesses, charities and enterprises don’t ignore or do poor work on their finances either. For a small business it could be the difference between thriving and going bust. For a charity it could be the difference between helping those in need and falling short.

So with that in mind, how can technology help you to manage your all important accounts?



Time is Money: How to Set Up a Small Business Network

For small business owners, a business network can make life much easier. The network allows for seamless sharing of files among all of your employees and is much easier to set up than most people realize. It also speeds up the productivity of your office due to the faster transfer of information and isn’t too expensive to install a small business network in either. You can do it yourself with minimal instruction and background experience. The next few steps will lay the basic blueprint for setting up a network in nearly any small business environment.

The Basics

First and foremost, you are going to need a router. Routers transfer information between computers on the same network. It is the central hub for your network. Preferably, you are going to want a business grade router, so you can use all of the advanced security features.


How to Get a Business Started Without an IT Team

Starting a business can be a costly affair. There’s a product to develop or service to offer, an office space to acquire and employees to hire within a series of departments. But one group of employees is often left off the small business employee roster: the IT department.

Once a mainstay in businesses, the IT department serves as the tech hub of the operations. They are the experts, the go-to problem solvers, the ones that keep things going smoothly. While many large companies still have an IT department — and rightfully so — small businesses are increasingly going the IT-less route. (more…)