How to  Bring Your IT Department Into the 21st Century

Sometimes a company is left functioning in an out-of-date mode of operation. It might be because the owner is too tight with the company purse strings. It might be because a company has difficulty obtaining top talent for filling key positions. While the reasons and excuses are numerous, often the real problem is that the people in charge simply do not know how to identify and enact meaningful change. This is especially the case when it comes to revamping a company’s IT department. Here are a few ideas to help a company bring its IT department into the 21st century.

Understand the Direction Your IT Department Needs to Head

Before a company can bring its IT department up to date, it is important to gain some perspective on precisely what this means. For some companies, it means installing new equipment to replace old, poorly functioning systems. For other companies, this will involve scaling up the IT department they rely on to meet the growth needs of their company. Other companies may simply need to outsource much of their IT services to a third party IT service provider to better suit their company’s operating purposes.

Hire New Talent

Often it takes new blood in the IT department to get operations out of a last decade sort of funk. Old IT guys often do not like much changing in the IT department and may buck updating to more current systems and practices. Identifying and replacing IT employees that stand in the way of progress is sometimes a necessary step to take to bring an IT department into a more modern phase of operations. According to, hiring more IT staff to distribute the workload and allow for innovation to be possible is another key part of achieving IT modernization.

Use a Consultant

Because making an IT department current can be a tricky and costly venture, it can be a good idea to bring in a consultant to help mitigate costs and complexity from becoming overwhelming. An independent consultant will often be in a position to bring objective clarity to the task and fix key problems with a company’s IT department along the way.

Add Education to the Plan

One way to get on top of making an IT department become more modern is to have the right kind of education. Whether this means that the owner gets an MBA in information technology from a respected online institution, or that the company pays to put someone through a degree program that offers MBAs online, making sure someone in the company has the education to move things forward is never a bad idea.

There are a number of different ways to bring an outdated IT department into the 21st century. Identifying the strategy that best works for a company will depend on that company’s IT needs. Even if the transition happens in a number of carefully planned phases, the decision to move forward will provide a company with a modern edge that other lagging companies lack.

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