Mega Millions for All!

If you haven’t heard- the 42 state lotto, Mega Millions is over half a billion dollars. Since we’re finishing out tax season we thought it would be good to highlight one last tax post. We’ll discuss the taxes on your lotto winnings, as well as gross income generally.

If you are from New Hampshire, Tennessee, Texas, South Dakota, Washington, California, Pennsylvania or Delaware you will win the biggest in tonight’s drawing- winning between 3% and 9% more than if you were from any other state because you won’t have to pay state income taxes. However, all winners must count the winnings as income and are subject to the Federal income tax of 35% (or maybe more depending on your specific situation). (more…)


Awesome Affiliates: Just Relax Services

Pull up a hammock and grab your laptop for this week’s Awesome Affiliates: Just Relax Services.

Just Relax Services is an online service that aids small businesses by providing fresh ideas, business resources, and advice given by some of the best business consultants in the field. Their services include: small business mentoring, social media management, marketing and SEO services, merchant services, business writing, and web/graphic design services. (more…)