It’s a big day over here at MyCorp as we welcome a new addition to the online MyCorporation family!: offers small business owners registered agent services in all 50 states. It provides an easy-to-use and affordable registered agent service to help maintain the privacy and protection of your business.

Don’t have a registered agent for your small business? Here’s why you need our service:

A registered agent is a person or entity that receives legal paperwork on behalf of your small business. When you incorporate, your business turns into a separate entity from you. So since you no longer directly represents your business, your corporation or LLC is required to designate an agent for service of documents. The registered agent must meet multiple state-based requirements. This is where comes in. This service helps your business meet the state requirements while maintaining your privacy.

registered agent service  helps to maintain privacy by acting as a barrier between customers and the business. If your business gets served, the paperwork will be delivered to the registered agent service, not your business-front, allowing you to handle legal matters with discretion. Additionally, a registered agent receives reminders from the state and will notify you immediately of these reminders, helping you to stay compliant with state laws.

Lastly, for all businesses that maintain a foreign qualification, where business is formally conducted in a foreign state, offers a convenient renewal service that ensures your business will remain in compliance by meeting all necessary registered agent requirements.

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