We now have a submission form exclusively for writers looking to blog with us

Interested in introducing your newly formed start-up or small business to the world? Are you a CEO or manager with tips and advice on anything from filing for the S-corp deadline to how to pick the best location for your business or even with a story of your own experiences from working within the field? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’re now accepting submissions for guest bloggers for our very own MyCorp blog!

As a guest blogger here, you’ll get to:

1) Include a link to your website in your post. Because we want to check you out and linking back to the writer is always cool.

2) Write about what you like, so long as it relates to the topic of small business. Having trouble trying to figure out what to write about? Our social media manager will brainstorm with you, no problem.

3) You get an author’s bio included with your article. We like linking back to you as much we like knowing more about your company.

Questions? Comments? Ready to submit? Email us at social@mycorporation.com and we’ll get you started!


  1. I would like to write for you about how small businesses can maximize their Facebook presence to increase sales.

    I haven’t written anything yet, but I would like to try to fit something into your blog.

    Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or specifications. Thank you for your consideration.

    Jeff Jacobsen

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