6 Marketing Mistakes You Need to Stop Making NowWith the myriad of available resources online full of advice on how you should run and market your business, it wouldn’t be surprising if you tried most, if not all of them, on for size. While doing so isn’t wrong necessarily, there are pieces of marketing advice that can contradict with your business’ principles. When this happens, these kinds of tips can be counterproductive instead of advantageous especially if something goes wrong with your business despite following that particular piece of advice exactly. Watch out for these six big marketing mistakes – you may be committing them without even realizing it.

1) You assume that your customers think just like you.

If you’re the kind of entrepreneur who is able to pull brilliant ideas out of thin air and that your customers will “get it” despite risking ambiguity, hats off to you. But most entrepreneurs can’t afford to think or act like that. Ignoring what your customers have to say about your product and settling with what you think they’ll like can put your business in jeopardy. Avoid this by soliciting feedback from your customers on a regular basis. What they have to say about your product can help you decide which areas you should put less of a focus on and the ones that you need to strengthen.

2) You don’t promote yourself enough.

No item can sell itself without even a hint of advertising. If you believe that your product is as awesome as you think it is, you need to promote it adequately. Your product exists because there are people who need or want it. If they don’t know it’s available in the market, it will be extremely difficult for your business to sell the item and be successful.

3) Your online activity is sporadic.

Having a website is a must but it’s equally important that you keep up an active social presence too. Keep your product catalog and contact information updated and blog on a regular basis with relevant content.

4) You ignore SEO.

If you have an online store and you’re not optimizing it for the search engines to find, you’ll have a lot of trouble connecting to your target audience. Enhancing your website with SEO tools can help it achieve higher search engine rankings on Google and become much more visible in search results.

5) You have poor customer service.

Your relationship with your customers doesn’t end after checking out! Great customer service doesn’t rest and the best kind of service is available after sales and after store hours. When your clients see that you look after them post transaction, they won’t hesitate to recommend you to their friends.

6) You’re encouraged to criticize the competition. 

It’s all right to have your game face on, but sometimes an outcome for your business can be so good that it can get to your head and convince you that your competitors are beneath you. Criticizing your rivals in the business can turn your customers off and easily drive them to switch brands.

Every effort you put into your business can turn into a marketing strategy, but any form of negligence can also be detrimental to what you do. When it comes to business, ignorance isn’t always bliss. Now that you know what is possibly damaging to your business, you have no excuse not to straighten these strategies out.

About the author: Morrys Sarmiento is a business writer. Among his interests outside the profession are football (hardcore Andrea Pirlo and Arsenal F.C fan here), theories of personality, philosophy, gaming, and creepy stories. Follow him on twitter @morrysxi