Which Type of Phone Line Is Best For Your Start-Up?Picking a telephone line system for your start-up is extremely important in the early stages for a business because it’ll allow current and potential customers to get in touch with your company while also allowing you to build a presence within your target market. Keep reading to learn about which phone line is best suited for your business start-up. Each have their benefits and there will certainly be one ideal for you.

Analog Copper Wire Lines

These are associated with landline numbers, and they’re also called the plain old telephone service, or POTS. Because they’d offer your business a direct connection via the provider, there’s no need to share the system’s capacity with others. You’d also have the advantage of using standard equipment that can be easily purchased and then upgrading later once you have a clearer understanding of your business telephony requirements.

Cellular Towers

Rather than relying on copper wire alone, cellular service providers use radio frequencies to transmit both voice and data. If you choose a cellular provider that offers access to either 3G or 4G networks, those at your start-up could use it to connect an iPad or laptop. This would be especially useful if your start up was lacking Wifi. However, if your company will regularly make or receive international cellular calls, verify that a chosen provider is capable of handling them and what the associated fees are.

VoIP Connection

This option is also called an Internet Protocol (IP) system because it works with an existing cable or DSL broadband connection. Since both internet and phone connectivity can now be handled by a single line, this solution helps save money on communication costs. Another advantage, noted by ExcITingIP, is that you can sign up for phone service with a VoIP provider that offers free long-distance calls over the internet. That’s a great perk if people at your company occasionally need to connect with clients outside the local area.

A Few Important Questions to Consider…

Small businesses need to think about how many employees are currently within the company and whether that number is likely to grow soon. If it’s a safe bet that you’ll soon have fifty or more people using the phone system, a dedicated VoIP is a good choice to opt for. Also ask yourself how important it is to enjoy consistently high quality calls. Although VoIP might seem like an ideal solution because it offers the ability to make free or fairly inexpensive long distance calls, you’ll be without a phone system if the internet goes down.

In some situations, businesses like to opt to have a landline in place to make local calls and use during emergencies that interfere with internet connectivity and use the VoIP system to call long distance. No matter which type of phone line you have, directory services can be helpful if you’re trying to call a large company and want to quickly get connected to the proper department without wasting time.

For additional assistance with choosing the right type of phone line, check with local peers who have start-up businesses of similar sizes and types. Those individuals could offer up firsthand experiences about the phone lines that have worked best for them in terms of speedily servicing customers.

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