shutterstock_107632895Succeeding in any area of your life is dependent on your beliefs, which can either be positive or negative. Positive beliefs are good as they reinforce a sense of self-worth and will ultimately help you build the confidence that you need to be successful.

Negative beliefs on the other hand hamper progress and should not be entertained. Below are some negative beliefs that you should root out if you want to experience growth and success:

I will never be good enough

It is easy to feel as though you are inadequate if most of the things you try out fail. Feeling as though you are not worthy could be due to:

  • Your lover or spouse left you
  • You have been turned down for a promotion
  • You have tried your hand at business and have failed

Whatever your reason, feeling as though you are not worthy enough can keep you from attempting new things or taking risks.

Everyone is good at something, but the mere fact that you think you are not good enough is what is holding you back. What you believe unconsciously affects the kinds of decisions you make. Therefore, if you approach any task with the belief that you are not worthy, you will make decisions that will work to your detriment.

People will judge me

The most successful people are never bothered by what other people think. They believe that they have a lot to contribute and a lot to achieve and they always pursue what they want.

If you have been holding back from doing the things you want to do because of other people’s opinions, you are on the wrong track. Nothing good comes out of trying to please anyone. Believe in yourself enough to follow your passion and you will see tremendous success in your life.

I will never make it

It is sometimes normal to feel as though you have lost your purpose. Deviating from your purpose could happen if you have not set strict goals for yourself. Learn to make goals and measure your rate of achievement against them.

When goals seem to be far away, or when things are not working as you expected them to, this can be disheartening. Nothing is ever easy, so you have to learn how to cope during hard times so that you emerge a winner.

Progress has to be big for me to be happy

If you don’t appreciate where you are in life today, just because you feel that you have not met a certain goal that you set for yourself; you are probably never going to achieve that goal.

Success is largely dependent on the state of the mind. As you sit there feeling sorry for yourself and imagining how good things would be if only you could fast track right to the end, you are wasting a lot of mental energy that you could be using to achieve your goals a step at a time.

When working towards a goal, it’s important to work with the end in mind, but it’s crucial to remember that every move you make towards that goal is an achievement in itself. Things don’t work overnight, therefore have the patience to wait and cultivate the habit of congratulating yourself for any small step you take.

Everything is too hard

If you have been wallowing in negative beliefs, it’s easy to see every task that requires any form of exertion from you as being difficult.

Perhaps you have been holding a job that you hate, for a number of years now, and you keep convincing yourself that it’s because new jobs are hard to come by. But if you look deep down, the reason you are so miserable is because you believe it is so hard to create a resume and apply for jobs.

The only way to get out of your misery is to have the courage to attempt new things.

I can do all things by myself

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It takes courage to ask for help when things get too tough. No one is an expert at everything; therefore do not limit yourself by thinking that you can do everything on your own.

You should however be honest with yourself when you are asking for help. If you are just too lazy to do things and would rather someone else did it for you, then you are not being honest with yourself.

Things will never change

Another negative belief that could be holding you down is always feeling that it’s too late for you to make any change. Whatever your situation is, you can make decisions that can change the state of your business or your life overnight.

Having the energy to fight to the end will always give you results.

Trust no one

Trust is important in relationships of all types. Having trust in others actually shows you are a person of honor. In business, for instance, you need to have trust in suppliers and customers as this will make discussions with them easier. You will actually engender people to yourself if you show them you trust them and you prove to them that they can trust you.

I shouldn’t bother anyone with my problems

It is sometimes easier to deal with your problems on your own. This can however have negative consequences if you are doing it for the wrong reasons.

Whereas it’s true that it’s possible to come up with solutions to anything if you take some time alone to think, you cannot possibly have solutions to every problem.

Having someone to sound-off your thoughts against will always put things into perspective. This is especially important in business, where quality decisions are the ones that have input from as many members of your team as possible.

It’s never my fault

You should be ready to own up to any mistakes you make. Blaming other people only makes you look weak and keeps you from tackling things head on.

People will respect you if you are not afraid to accept blame. If things go wrong, assess what you could have done better to get a positive outcome.

Shelly Burke is a success coach and credit counselor. She has coached countless people into building successful lives by showing them how to take control of their lives and finances, and asking for help from companies like national debt relief. Visit her website for more information.