What’s the Easiest Way to Resolve Work ConflictsEvery day around the globe, firms and corporations rise to the top or sink to the bottom.  Such rises and falls are attributed not only to external factors but also to the successful or unsuccessful implementation of business plans and to the strategies, marketing goals, estimations and forecasts established by these corporations.  Successful marketing goals and strategies that help companies rise rather than fall choose the right media services that will boost the company’s exposure on the proper media platforms. In search of these services, businesses are finding useful tools and resources to reach wider audiences in many different languages, and one of those primary tools is voice-over recording.

Voice-over recording advantages

Getting a proper return on investment is a key element in keeping any business alive.  As marketers spend countless hours refining their techniques and strategies to ensure adequate return on investment, they have turned to extending the use of voiceover beyond the traditional spheres of news and television to fulfill other business purposes, such as marketing and branding via the web.  Localized recordings can create a deeper cultural connection between the audience and the brand, and can lead to increased interest in the product or service and deeper brand loyalty down the line.  Having the proper voice on advertising campaigns has also been proven to influence a customer’s final decision culminating in a sale.  A few recent studies determined that more than half of the American population agrees that male voices are more forceful, and therefore deciding whether to use a male or female voice will depend greatly on what you are trying to convey, to whom, and what culture that person is from.  Localizing company videos allows marketers to consider all of these factors to ensure the proper message is conveyed to several audiences across languages and cultures.

Quality media get more shares

By posting the localized videos on their websites, companies can market their content to these additional audiences using the accessibility of the internet to avoid the high, and often prohibitive, costs of television broadcasting, without the time limitations of TV or radio commercials. Additionally, with the public sharing the best quality media more and more via the web, companies that take advantage of higher quality recording options provided through robust technological advances are seeing their marketing campaigns revolutionized.

In sum, nowadays, media and communications are clear keys to marketing success, and therefore business success.  TV commercials and radio spots are being joined by internet media as great tools to promote a new business or grow a well-established corporation, using a wide range of broadcast and quality voice over techniques to reach a wider audience of future prospective clients.

This article was written by Gerson Fennell atJBI Studios,a leader in voice-over and dubbing for corporate clients for over 15 years. We can help you get the best results for your multilingual corporate and eLearning projects. For more information, contact us at info@jbistudios.com.