How to Choose The Best Domain Name For Your Business

It’s common for entrepreneurs to put a lot of thought into naming their businesses, but, oftentimes, the domain name doesn’t get nearly the same amount of attention. In an age when every business is checked out online prior to becoming a customer, a brand’s online identity is just as important as the business name.

Here are some tips to choose the best domain name for your business from both a branding and SEO perspective:

For Branding


From a branding perspective, the shorter the better. A short domain name is easy to remember and type into a browser.  You can’t beat a one or two word domain name.


If you’re selecting a domain for branding, there’s no point in picking brand and domain names that people can’t remember. Choose a domain name that is unique and easy to remember.


Make sure you can pronounce your domain name by just reading it.  If you have to print a pronunciation on your website, that’s probably the wrong brand domain.


Industry Specific

A keyword-rich domain name can help visitors find your site more easily when looking for your product on search engines. Improve your search engine results by choosing a domain name that links your company with keywords that describe your product or industry.


An seo-phrased domain name with two or three words in it will have higher search engine results for a more limited set of products.


If your business is specific to a city or town, then including the name of your town will limit your search engine competition. Get a jump on your competitors with a local-specific domain name.

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