How to Pick Artwork for Your Office

Regardless of what industry you are in, the artwork that you display in your office can go as far as to make or break your business. A carefully chosen piece can demonstrate to clients that you are professional, successful and are fully able to help them with their requests. The right piece can also create a certain atmosphere in the office, add an interesting visual accent, boost employee satisfaction and has the ability to immediately impress clients or potential customers. When picking artwork for your office space, it is important that you bear all of this in mind and that the selected piece displays your business and ethos in a positive light.

Create a positive first impression

Surveys have shown that it takes only thirty seconds for us to form lasting opinions, so make sure that the artwork a potential client sees when they enter your offices reflects your business and employees in the best possible light. Hang your best pieces on so-called ‘visual walls’ – the first wall a person sees when they enter a room. Think seriously about what type of impression you want to give and then find an image that mirrors this.

Match the colour scheme

Choose a piece of artwork that will match your room without taking away any of the pre-existing design elements. If the space available is minimalist with cool, sleek lines and neutral colours, then consider a piece of art that adds a touch of colour. However if the room is already colourful, then go for something minimal. Also consider taking some colour swatches with you when you go to buy artwork – allowing you to find the perfect colour and helping to avoid any colour clashes. Additionally, bear company branding in mind – maybe incorporate company colours and/ or values in the piece.

Stick to a theme

Pick a piece of artwork that blends in with the pre-existing theme. For example, if your office décor has sleek and modern elements, it is probably wise to avoid classic pieces and to stick to modern or abstract pieces. Even if you really like a piece of work, if it doesn’t fit with your theme, then don’t buy it!

Measure before you buy

Before you set out to buy a piece of artwork, be sure to measure the wall or space in which you want to display it. Once you have the exact dimensions, you will be in a better position to look for artwork that will complement the space. Also make sure that the artwork matches the space available – don’t pick, for example, a small canvas print to display on a large empty wall, or, purchasing a large print only to find it doesn’t fit or looks cramped.

Be aware of the style

Pick the style of artwork you want to display carefully. This will differ greatly depending on the room, its design and even the individual themselves. You could consider a large single canvas in an area with a large open wall to act as a statement piece, have numerous panels to fill a room and break up a busy pattern, or even consider other mediums such as a sculpture or mixed media works. Look at the art you decide to buy and decide on the best way to showcase it.
Be cost effective

When selecting artwork, buy what you love regardless of whether it has the capability to rise in value. After all, it is something that you, your employees, clients and potential customers will have to look at every day. Think about whether the artwork could be re-used in other parts of the office at different times and if you can’t stretch to investing in the perfect piece, why not consider renting art? There are many rental programs available which offer long-term and short-term hire, and some even allow you to rotate pieces on a six-month basis.

Include Employees

If you are unsure of what piece of work to opt for, open the decision to include your employees. Create a poll and let employees vote on artwork for display in communal spaces. If they like the artwork and feel more comfortable in their working environment, they are likely to be more productive. Additionally, their involvement will increase their satisfaction levels and make them feel valued and included in company decisions.

Do It Yourself

If you still can’t find the right piece for you, why not make your own? One of a kind abstract pieces can be made independently with very little effort and there are plenty of websites out there where you can upload your own photography and have it printed straight onto a canvas. Unique and cost effective – what more could you want?

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